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How are Ween live?


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Just wonderin'.

were fantastic only time I've seen em... is a grand spectacle, lots of fun... likely Frank Black's inspiration... not a comedy act though... any musical genre is game at a live Ween show

their live DVD is definately worth picking up

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I saw them when Sonic Youth opened while Ween was the second of three bands prior to the Flaming Lips and I really enjoyed their set. My take is that they are definitely a good-time beer drinking show. Some bands and beer dont mix but they did even though I was the driver and only had 3 the whole concert.

I think you would enjoy them Ollie.

::waits for NorthernWish and DaveO to slag on the Ween::

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saw them back in 95 in torona... was only a fan of Pure Guava at the time and expected some sort of japanese techno/grunge band in plastic outfits

Booche is the correct, definately just the ticket for some fine sloppy good times

can't make the Ween show tonight sadly, but am catching Slow Hand Motem at PJC... they possess the greatest band bio I've ever read

and I've read a lot of band bios lemme tell ya


Slow Hand Motëm

The impact of slim, dark haired, young Motëm upon his record audience, as his synthesizers alternately roar and whisper, is a new dimension in recorded musical entertainment.

Many of you have had the exhilarating experience of hearing Motëm in person at one of his many appearances in important night spots and concert halls. From personal observation you know that Motëm could be a glamour boy musical personality. He has the physical qualities. He could sway audiences, no doubt, by simply turning on more "personality" and get away with much less musical talent. But Motëm isn't interested in "flirting" with his audience. He prefers to speak directly, in musical terms that contain no guile. Only beauty, subtlety, lyricism, precision, extraordinary nuance and a quality of controlled passion are his words and "personality".

The unique complexities and rhythmic designs of his arrangements and creations merit the attention of musical pedagogues.

But unless you are cursed with a tin ear, you, too, will respond to the sensuous beauty and the diamond-hard luster of Motëm's music.

With Motëm are his friends and fellow musicians; Gallant Santilope, percussionist; and Acoustic Fin, bass. Together they generate the power of a 4-peice band.

But it's the magical power of music, not din, nor the glamour boy potential of Motëm, that holds the listener's attention everywhere.

(filmed in technicolor in the Lime Ridge Mall parking lot)
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