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Tax Preparation Service - open for business


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yeppers. all you need is a scanner and email or a stamp and an envelope.

If you want me to do them, I'll pm you my email addy or actual home addy and you can send me your stuff and my fee (very reasonable). Then once done, I'll scan and send or mail everything back to ya!

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you can use a tax filing website like ufile.ca to try it out. I've used them to file taxes in the past and they work pretty well if you have a very simple return, but as soon as things start getting complicated (as per my thread the other day), they get less and less suitable and you need a person who knows their stuff to help ya out.

I'm getting LJFH to help my girlfriend and I out this year, based on good feedbck from some of her happy customers!

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Hey I know there is a rough way you can calculate what your goin to get back on a calculater or something Anyone know how to do it? I mean im goin to get them done but I wanted to know roughly how much im goin to get or if I will at all

Like Blane said, use ufile.ca. You can do exactly what you've described above without paying. It's only when you want to generate the e-file that you send to Revenue Canada that you have to pay the service fee.

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