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Jay Funk Dawg

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Hey Everyone,

My Nufunk Festival did alright - but it was getting a bit overwhelming - so I'm headed off to Jamaica - specifically going to NEGRIL to hang out with my friend Collin, the drummer for the Irie Band and House of David Gang. JChameleon is also down there right now - hoping to link with him one night - on Saturday - the day I arrive I'll be checking out Sizzla as a part of a crazy festival happening this weekend.

Looking forward to some R&R, play some guitar, learn more about the Island Culture, Prepare for my upcoming Reggae Summer which includes bringing the House of David Gang Experience to Come Together Music Festival, The Freedom Festival and the Quebec Reggae Festival.

If anyone has any suggestions for places to check out and what not please let me know. Mark Crissinger from Caution Jam told me about a place called : Mark's Hurricane Bar.. All Marley all the time!! - I'm learning all the old wailers tunes as a part of a show I'm producing in April -Tribute to the Wailers - so I think that it's going to be a great change of pace and experience.

yes rasta!

big up yourselves!


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Mind-boggling sunsets in Negril! I was down there on my honeymoon. We we're spending a lot of our time SCUBA diving. LOVED IT.

My other time in Jamaica was in a different part, Port Antonio. Wicked partying there at the Rooftop Club and some all-night beach parties with the locals and no tourists. Went to Boston Bay, the birthplace for jerk cooking and where there were good enough waves to go surfing (way harder than i thought). Good times. I want to go back right now.

Have a great time.

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Check out Roots Bamboo in Negril on Wednesday night. They always have a good party with good music that night. Sometimes on Saturdays too.

Take a jump off the cliffs on the west end too if you get a chance. Not sure how high the jump is? 75 feet maybe?

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Have a great time! I was there in November/December and loved it. Stayed at "Tensing Pen" in negril, which is on the cliffs, a more chilled out area. Rody's I-Tal (veggie) restaurant stand is directly across the street from Tensing pen and worth a stop. guy makes some wiked veggie meals for real cheap.

Check out 3 Dives for some more great food.

If you want to get away from the tourist scene a bit and have a little time you can head down the coast a few hours to Treasure Beach and Black River. Very different vibe, but really laid back.

Here are some photos of the different areas I went to, which cover a lot of the west side of the island:

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Things are going fantastic. Here's the quick run down..

I finally got to Jamaica - I was routed through Montreal then to Jamaica on Saturday Morning. Once I got there my rasta links in Toronto set me up with a rasta guide who was waiting for me at the airport with a sign that said "Jaydawg" nice!

He travelled with me to Negril first by taking a Cab into Montego Bay then we took some public buses - these buses were a more modern VW Bus - but they crammed in about 18 people.

I got to Negril just in time to spend an evening with Josh - from The Chameleon Project and his family - JChameleon gave me the scoop on the places for food and goodtimes and what to look out for. We did some jammin' in a beautiful guest house loft on the ocean with his friend and local musician Kingsly James.

I got my own place at the same hotel/bar that Collin - the drummer for the House of David Gang is staying at. I brought a copy of the Nufunk Bob Marley show that we've been playing at the hotel - sounds great - i'm staying at a place called Mi Yard. Last night after JChameleon left for home - i went to Rick's Place -a nice venue/restarant on the beach and Collin and I played with the band and after I went to the big Spring Break show - we were there for almost 5 hours and none of the headliners even made it to the stage ( there were a couple thousand people there) I was getting really exhausted so we missed the main performer - I had to go to bed!

There are some other friends Ira and Bruce friends from Kensington Market are also here - plus getting to play some music. fun.

We're plenty stoned and irie - the sun is shining and my rasta guide is headed back to Ochie - I'm only here until Wednesday - I'm going to dinner with my Kensington Market friends and will probably be playing again tonight at Rick's.

yes! Good times so far!

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yo quick update negril

I totally missed Sizza at The Big Spring Break Concert - It was about a thousand people - mostly Jamaicans. Great little festival with food and craft vendors. I was exhausted and none of the headliners went on until after 4am. I was way too spent to keep going after the layover in Montreal and early morning flight. Still saw lots of performers Mr. Groove was my favorite dancehall act he had 5 songs and each one started with this High Grade vocal melody. Basic love songs about sensimellia - well the crowd really responded to that - it was like 30 different artists with 10 minutes each. Some of it was hillarious.

There's another chance to catch Sizzla and some other dancehall guys tonight at The Rockcliff - I'm going a bit later tonight.

Since I last emailed, Jah-Lin (from Irie Band and House of David Gang) and I got to jam with another bassie, singer and keyboardist at Rick's Cafe two nights in a row - this great touristy pool and bar with a big stage right on the oncean. Did some jammin' at mi Yard http://www.miyard.com/ the hotel I was staying at - I just moved to a much nicer place up the road - but at Mi Yard I plugged my guitar into the DJ mixer and looped some tribal drums had live percussion as I played some island riffs and hi life vibes guitar. They do a live broadcast there and there is talk of coming down for a couple of weeks next year and play there live every night of the week.

Caught some great reggae at this other bar called Alfred's Place - mostly classics - but there was a fire breathing performer that was going off with the music. He was spittling a 8 ft flame out of his mouth for 5 seconds at a time for an entire song - it was pretty freaky.

Tomorow I'm off to Montego Bay with Jah-Lin before heading to Toronto on Wednesday. I'm having a great time I'm already sad that I'm just about to leave - gotta make tonight count. Yes Rasta!

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