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The Rheostatics


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Considering this is a Canadian music group, I was wondering if there are fans of the late band here? I saw them live maybe 20 times and they were always mindblowing and soul touching. Improvisatory in how they delivered each song night by night, a completely unique unit. I would hope for anyone unfamiliar with them you go buy their whole catalogue immediately!!!!

Or if you are looking for a free taste, Darrin Cappe has a website hosting every live recording of the band he can muster. (for anyone who has recorded a Rheostatics show, I urge you to contact him and get it posted for the world to hear!!!!) For those who have never heard the band, I would suggest checking out the "boxed set" Darrin recently put together recreating each of their albums with live and demo tracks (and random unreleased songs and interviews and such) which I think is an excellent way to discover this National Treasure! I would suggest starting with the second set and moving on chronologically from there. Enjoy! www.rheostaticslive.com

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Ya, the laryngitis was a brutal blow. It was almost like the universes big joke. The Rheos farewell show selling out massey hall, greatest concert in the history of mankind??? No, let's take out one of the greatest voices in the history of rock music for that night!!!! Sooooo painful, yet the show was still incredible. I guess it would have just been too good for this planet!

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What other errors were in the book? I totally missed that one! haha. It was a great read though, so interesting to take all those tangents, going from simple story of travel, to political and cultural snapshots of the regions, to a peak into indie bands around the world, and back to the most important thing, snippets of Rheohistory! Pretty neat book I think.

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