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Im going home Donny

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Holy shit! I just watched this story...what a story. Manchester too..what a place! The film makers did a brilliant job of recording it too. Definately suggest renting this one.

Heres the trailer...

That's the trailer for Controll which I thought was really well done too. :


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Joy Division has always been one of my favourite bands. Haven't seen the JD documentary yet. Control, however, was brilliant on so many levels. You don't have to be a fan of JD or Ian Curtis to enjoy this movie. The performances (both the acting and the musical performances) are great. The actor playing Ian captured his moves and sound so well. Check out some of the videos on Youtube where they've spliced clips from the movie with the actual JD clips - they are almost seamless.

Will have to rent the doc. And I've got to say that the intro to Love Will Tear Us Apart is one of the best openings to a rock song ever. There is just something about it. Gave me the chills in both of those clips, for the trailers, posted above.

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I love Joy Division and couldn't wait for this movie to come out.

I loved it...loved the cinematography and the acting.Sam Riley as Ian Curtis is amazing.

Anton Corbijin has such a beautiful eye for light and shadow...helped immenseley by shooting in B&W.

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Yeah pretty unfortunate...cause NEW ORDER never put out any quality music. I loved Joy Division, they were raw...however New Order put out a slew of great records, some amazing songs in there. Sorry have to defend New Order, still listen to them on a daily basis.

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