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Hal Johnson

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Lets go ladies. I've taken the liberty of starting a league for us. Phishtaper, you have to join b/c you have a crown to protect.

Ive made it a Yahoo pool, cuz its free and they let you give extra points for plus/minus, SH goals and GWG etc...fun stuff like that

Go to this link:


The League ID # is 21073

and the PW to sign up is: hockey

I've got it set up as an ONLINE DRAFT for Tues. Sept 23rd @ 6:30pm est.

So dont be a wuss, sign up!

Edit to add: Oh ya, you need a yahoo acct to sign-up. Its simple to do. I imagine most of you already have one anyway though...

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I've never done an autodraft. Can someone give me a quick summary of how that works?

Before the draft you rank your players in order of preference. When the draft starts and it comes your turn if the next player on your list is available that's who you get. If not it goes to the next player.

Not sure what happens when you run out of players on your list but it probably defaults to the list of Yahoo ranked players.

So really you don't have to do anything but let the computer pick your players based on its own ranking. Takes all the emotion and stupidity out of it. ;)

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I was going to give out points for saves, but if you look at last years goalie leaders you'll see that that stat dominates the point totals. For instance, Thomas Vokoun led all goalies last year with 2105 total fantasy points, mostly b/c he made 2033 saves. Next in line was Brodeur who had 14 more wins, but only 1921 saves.

My solution to this is to make saves worth 0.25 points, that way its still a variable, but not as annoying. (just checked it out and it would put vokoun down to where he belongs - in 17th place for goalies) What do you guys think?

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