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New Music Format-"Slot Music"


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It'll be awfully hard to design an album cover for those things.

Yeah, but it'd be easy to come up with some kind of standard way of making it all multimedia, with visuals and maybe an interactive menu system (rigged to work over the internet) synced to the music and the track list.



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I really don't think its going to work. Why buy a sd card with music on it, when all your going to do is put it on your ipod anyway. It just seems easier to buy it off itunes.

Because not everyone owns an iPod. Creative Labs are starting to add SD card slots to their mp3 players.

I'm sure Apple will eventually catch up and claim to be innovators. ;)

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This is a non-starter. There is no new format, there can't be. Now that everything is so easily digitized, music can be put onto an off of any device.

The only possible new formats will be different file types and really now with memory so cheap, pretty soon everyone will juts buy .wav files and we'll be done with those terrible sounding .mp3s.

End of the road I'd say.

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Yes, the beauty of something like this is that they could offer high res versions very easily. Plus, you are without the mechanical limitaions of CD players which is also a win for several reasons. Unfortunately, the general concensus is that shrinking music to the bare minimum size is the only thing that anyone seems to care about, quantity over quality is the order of the day. You would think that as memory becomes cheaper they would be able to offer several versions on the same chip, high res, 16/44.1(cd quality) and mp3 as well along with other extra goodies at the same time.

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