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Block Heater?


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Maybe someone can figure this out for me!

If the block heater uses 450W(0.45kwh) and the average cost for a night is $0.41)

What about $5.6 kwh?

What is the average cost for a night?

It doesn't seem like its that much considering we only need to plug a car in a few nights in JAnuary!!

if you mean, 5.6 kWh consumption (which would be like four hair dryers on full blast), then it would be $5.10 ... (5.6/0.45 x $0.41).

there are three things you need to consider. one, the consumption of the heater - here, 0.450 kWh. that means it uses 0.45 kilowatts per hour. two, the rate you pay for electricity - most areas are 10cents to 13cents per kWh. and three, the number of hours you run the heater.

so, if your heater uses 0.45 kW (or 450 watts - which is actually typical for a car block heater) and if you run it for two hours, you will consume 0.9 kW. if you pay 10cents for kWh of electricity, this would cost you 9 cents overall.

i think also you have to consider the fact that if oyu didnt use the heater at all, or less, then you'd presumably have to run the car a while longer to warm up the engine - which adds a whole other cost into the total energy equation ... although im not so sure we are still talking about cars here, lol.

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our car is almost 30 and it started without a block heater when it was -20 the other morning! Boy was I proud :-) However your fuel consumption is much better for the first few mins after starting if you use the heater. Plus you get cabin heat a lot quicker.

Block heaters are usually a 500w element - that is a relatively large energy draw. I would definitely get a timer if I were you sine the only heat that will help you out is the 2 or 3 hours worth that happen right before you star the car. The whole rest of the night you are essentially heating the outdoors. It's like running a duct from your furnace out into the street...

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