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recommend a good podcast here.

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you hippies make me fucking sick to my stomach.

Nice. Here you go, you wittle gruwpy bear...

Here's my weekly list

NPr All songs

Npr Songs Live

This American Life

CHC Radio 3

CBC R3 30


CBC Search Engine

CBC Spark

CBC Best of Ideas

The Economist

Galactica Watercooler

Lost Podcast

Updated Less Freq.

Umphreys Podcast


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do you use iTunes?

if you do:

1) Open the Advanced menu from the toolbar

2) Select "Subscribe to Podcast"

3) add that URL I posted into the popup window and click OK

TA DA!! Age of Persuasion :)

If you don't use iTunes let me know what you use to listen to podcasts and I'll give the instructions for that app.

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yeah, i use itunes, thanks, i will do this.

i'm just curious how i can subscribe to a podcast that doesn't exist? is someone ripping the broadcasts and then turning them into audio files?

yeah.. I don't know how the audio gets there.. I just know that it does :)

I'm assuming someone is just copying the audio, because it's not branded like other CBC podcasts are.. so I suppose if you have troubles with listening to pirated material you may want to stay away. It also means that there is a chance the feed may dry up, but it's all there is right now if you want to listen to the show but don't/can't/won't tune into the actual broadcast on CBC.

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