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What time are The Dead playing tonight?


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Any video available? I didn't see anything on CNN last night.

They weren't showing much of the performances. Maybe it was a licensing issue? And sometimes they'd show bits of performances in HD then they'd suddenly switch to what looked like a webcam that looked like shit. Disappointing.

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Yep - it sure was and that is so far the only video I have found, hence my previous post. As for it turning up, on a couple of the DVD groups/sites I trade on some tapers were present.

[edit to add]

This is no way a 100% that, 1. The quality will be great and 2. it will be complete as security was rather tight, obviously.

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Who's guitar is Warren playing?

ouch, that transition to Touch of Grey that Bobby called in was horried. Was I seeing things or was Bobby planned on singing it too? It seems that Warren intercepted and took lead. Bobby made it to the mic just in time to see Warren already there.

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They'll sound a lot better with their own set up and after 2 weeks of rehearsal. Right?


[color:purple]Oh yea; of course they will.

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