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Still Good People Out There!!!


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Today i was driving from the bus stationThe car was acting funny and losing power .My gas gauge was going down rapidly.I looked in my rear view mirror and there was a streak behind me and I was coming to a very busy intersection

A guy pulled up beside me at the lights and told me i was losing something and I said I think its gas as now my gauge was down to a quarter and it had been almost full.

He went around me and pulled over.He came to my car and had already gone in the gas bar to call a tow truck which I said cancel because I had CAA.

Another guy showed up with a cell phone and called CAA nad the two of them pushed me to the side as I was blocking traffic and was on the street..

So while waiting for CAA in front of a gas tank a guy came out with a cold bottle of water.He noticed i was in distress I quess.

Thank God for the water in this heat.

So the tow truck came within a half hour and I got in and went to Speedy with him.He was also very kind to me.

Got to Speedy where I usually go and they took the car in right away.

i thought that was the end of this car for sure...

It was a break in the gas line and they repaired it while I talked to the manager about my bad day.

The car got fixed and when I went to pay he said no charge and this is the beginning of a good day for you.

I ended up feeling so thankful for all those good people in the end.

So please be kind to people in need and distress.

I was a bit of a basket case and the heat didn't help but they sure did.

The manager at Speedy didn't have to fix it for free but he did.

Just wanted everyone to know about the good people in my life today!

Thanks to all good people who help others!

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