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RIP Haydain Neal aka Jacksoul

Jay Funk Dawg

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just found this on twitter...

read the story here: http://www.cp24.com/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20091123/091123_jacksoul/20091123/?hub=CP24Entertainment and here http://www.jacksoul.com

Very sad, I saw him a couple of times - he had a very bad car accident a couple of years back that almost took his life... i remember many fundraisers for him - he was struggling to get his life and career back together ever since... He passed today after a 8 month battle with cancer.

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I also found this sad that he was struggling with lung cancer in private in addition to the accident. He lived for a long time in Guelph not sure if 'til the end but I met him there a number of times and got to work with him when he was in a commissioned jazz opera called Quebecite by George Elliot Clarke for Guelph Jazz Fest. He was a very sweet and accepting man and deeply loved.

My best memories of him are when I first started sneaking into clubs with my brother and would go and see him at the Bamboo when Jacksoul was an up and coming and dynamic R&B duo/soul funk revue. Not sure what happened to his former partner in crime but as his music went more commercial and adult contemporary Jacksoul became a moniker for that sound.

Through his work as I believe President of the Board of the Songwriters Association of Canada he was a visible ficture and frequent lecturer at Canada's music conferences as well as a peer to many up and coming musicians.

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