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Pacquiao vs Mayweather


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March 13, 2010

should be a good fight, which is something I haven't said in years.

You obviously are a casual boxing fan. I've seen some incredible fights this year... and in the last dozen years.

This matchup is entertaining if Mayweather doesn't run/counterpunch, which he will do. Even still, this will be one of the biggest, if not biggest, boxing matches in history - Vegas odds, PPV, Bert Randolph Sugar's prediction (if you don't know him, you don't know boxing) etc...

Fuck Mayweather and his blazing speed, power, solid chin and all-round cockiness.

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Hey Dave, I'm working from home tomorrow and unless my boss pushes me some work I've got nothing to do, go post something argumentative in the Jays thread so I have something to do.

As far boxing this year goes I really liked the Marquez vs Diaz fight but the year seemed pretty average overall (but I missed Margarito vs Mosley).

I'm agree with C-towns are far as recent years have gone as well. The late 2000s seemed a bit dull.

Mosley beat some ass but his best fights were early 2000s. Pacquiao crushed some people but yet again his best fights were early 2000s in my opinion. The various late career De la Hoya and Mayweather "megamatches" didn't pan out. Barrera vs Marquez and Vasquez vs Marquez were memorable fights but nothing else jumps out at me.

I'm probably missing a few, I haven't paid as much attention as I used to but maybe it's because the fights have been lacking.

There has been nothing along the lines of the Gatti vs Ward trilogy (so fucking dope) or the lesser but great Morales vs Barrera trilogy (first fight was great), Mosley vs De la Hoya, Pacquaio vs Morales (the second one I think, can't remember) and Coralles vs Castillo.

Maybe I've just gotten tired of Mexican boxing. I think the lack of great heavy weight boxing has ruined it a little for me.

For the record I think Pacquiao will TKO Mayweather in the later rounds but I'd love to see Floyd flat on his back.

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Ya Dave, some of the big matchups haven't lived up to the hype for various reasons (Barerra, Roy Jones and Golden Boy being near or at the end); I did love watching the replay of Juan Diaz vs Juan Manuel Marquez (Marquez lost the first 4 rounds)... but Pacquiao-Cotto was pretty exciting - but Manny is something special and I can't see anyone beating him outside of Marquez and maybe Mayweather.

But there is good boxing on TV most weeks: Boxing After Dark and Friday Night Fights normally have good bouts per week. Also, the Super Six super middleweight tournament has been generally exciting; a great idea too, having a tournament to see who is the unified champ.

However, last night's live light heavyweight bout between Hopkins vs Ornelas was boring simply because Hopkins is a boring (but successful) fighter. I can't believe he's 44.

As for the heavyweight division... when has it been good? It wasn't great during the Tyson years - a few legit heavyweights, some blown-up cruiser and light heavyweights (Roy Jones and Holyfield) fighters and a bunch of stiffs. Lennox Lewis was a boring fighter with a lethal right hand. The Larry Holmes era wasn't very good either since he was just far better than everyone. The real good weight classes have always been middle, welter, feather, but even light heavyweight has gotten better in the last decade.

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An argument can be made that both Holmes and Tyson were just too good. However, when Tyson fought guys that weren't afraid of him, he usually lost. Not having a great chin didn't help. Holmes had the best jab in the history of the heavyweight division, but he lacked a knockout punch.

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Like they said on PTI this week, every article and every interview for the past month has meant "its over"; but it could be back on again tomorrow. I hope they get it on, I was genuinely excited for this fight, and I usually have no interest in boxing.

Quit fighting so we can watch you fight!

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