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** W.S. WALCOTT’S RABBIT’S FOOT MINSTREL REVIEW: A TRIBUTE TO THE BAND (feat members of Born Ruffians, Cuff The Duke, Ohbijou, Jason Collett, Golden Dogs, Zeus, Steamboat, more) => The Boat, $5

Holy smokes! This came out of nowhere.

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Thanks for the link to this from the Rick Danko thread. This looks great. Gonna make the effort to pop in after office XMas party.

It looks like a cross between a seedy motel and a ferry (think portholes). And it's a bit smelly. Once known as a karaoke bar, The Boat turned its attention to dance nights in 2005. Now weekends are devoted exclusively to parties, which feature marching bands, live political punk, and deejayed Ninten-Disco, courtesy of Keith Hamilton, who sometimes arrives dressed as a sea captain. Other boys wear oversized glasses, '80s sweatbands and short shorts; girls go for the market's best vintage. Goin' Steady, the packed twice-monthly shindig to a soundtrack of '50s and '60s doo-wop and sha-na-na, is a riot. Cover is usually $5.


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I'm surprised so few of you have been to (or heard of) the Boat! I like the venue. It does indeed have a bit of the feeling of being on a boat. Kinda dirty feel to it. I've seen good shows by Black Mountain as well as BA Johnston there. I can't wait for tonight!

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Pretty good! The place was packed (short line up outside as of about 10pm). Good selection of tunes, they did 2 sets. There was a house band (I have no idea who the musicians were in this band) and they brought up a guest or two at a time who would stay up for 1 song each. The sound quality definitely left something to be desired; lots of problems with the vocals and sometimes I wondered if some of the mics were even turned on. They nailed some of the tunes, others were a bit shakey, clearly they hadn't been rehearsing for months or anything, but I thought the house band did a great job. There was no lead guitar though, just two rhythm guitarists, which left lots of room for the keys, but some lead guitar was noticeably absent. The highlight for me was a beautiful cover of "Whispering Pines" with a female vocalist (wish I had some idea of who she was!). Other highlights were "The Shape I'm In" (with a guy from Bruce Peninsula on vocal and guitar), "Look Out Houston" with the singer from the Golden Dogs and the keys guy from Zeus, and Wayne Petti (Cuff the Duke) did a good job on vocals for "Tears of Rage". Jason Collett did a Christmas song that I've never heard of, a bit of a let down given all of the gems he had to choose from.

Other songs I recall hearing:

- To Kingdom Come

- King Harvest (Has Surely Come) -- good job on this one

- Chest Fever (Hudsonia intro excluded)

- This Wheels On Fire - nicely done

- I Shall Be Released (last song, 2nd set)

- The Weight (encore.. of course ;)

- Across the Great Divide

- Rag Mama Rag

- Dixie Down

Anyways, great to hear this music in a live setting and much worth the $5 entry! Would love to hear what others thought.

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WE got there a little after 10 and the line-up was outside. I spoke to the door guy and he eventually let the line up in and we lined the stairs. It wasn't super busy inside but I think they recently got busted for overcrowding so were being extra careful. We ended up going in with some smokers who had been outside so didn't have to wait too long.

Look Out Houston was great, the guitar player from the Golden Dogs was great.

Who was the shorter guitar player part of the house band with the high voice? He sang on I shall be Released?

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