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I'm free. and I tune pianos. Not for free.


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After starting school back in Halifax (engineering) back in 2003, making my way to McMaster in '05 (jazz piano, what was i thinking)...shleping lumber in rando trade jobs for a year, and returning once again to McMaster in 07, I have finally, finally completed my undergrad degree in Environmental Science B.Sc.

Just walked out of my last exam, now i'm going to get a well deserved pint or two...

So whats a real world Kookycanooky to do?

Seems as how getting some sort of "real world" job just doesn't mesh well with playing in a busy rock band, i'm giving myself a year to try and start up as a piano tuner to pay the rent and soon to be arriving OSAP bills. I'm banking that they don't find me until the real school year ends.

The pitch: Do you need a piano tuned? I'm looking to gather contaacts around Hamilton and Toronto and anywhere in between. Surrounding cities can be in the cards too so long as I can make the drive worth while. I'm still learning but i've come a long way and I guarantee not to break your shit. I wouldn't be selling myself if I haven't been having satisfied customers in the past. I treat every piano like my own.

I also know tone-wheel era hammond organs (1930's-70's) and leslie speaker inner workings like the back of my hand. I've had great luck restoring vintage music gear and dogonit, i really love doing it.

You know the drill...



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I need a piano tuned. I may be out of your way though. We should talk about this more though.

Good luck to you and congrats on finishing school.

Perhaps i can toss the kooky one in my car next time i visit ya, chris. I'll also put the word out for ya Adam. I know at least a dozen people with pianos.

OH! and CONGRATUFUCKINGLATIONS on graduating, buddy!!!!!!

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