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Kids in the Hall miniseries starting tonight

Davey Boy 2.0

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I saw them interviewed here at the CBC yesterday before they screened the first episode. They are still funny (as they were on their tour last year).

I chose not to watch the episode as the sound was horrible in the atrium and I'd prefer to be in a "certain mood" as well ;)\

I really hope that Scott Thompson is completely in the clear from his stomach cancer.


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yup i quite liked it

i can now tell you that i did something yesterday that i always try to avoid- i read a review/preview

actually i started reading it then quickly realised why i tend to avoid these things. One person's treasure is another person's trash and no matter how many courses you've taken on TV appreciation, no matter how many hours you've spent watching comedy it doesn't make a lick of difference on whether or not our views on what's funny will align so fack you TV critics!

To Reg!

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