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the "My List Is Finally Done" Unlimited b&p


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And Freebie.

Wow. Its been a blast. It took around a week, updating the list every day, but i finally finished creating my shows list.

As a result, i'm going to offer an unlimited b&p. All you have to do is respond with what shows you want, and i'll email you my address.

Right now, i have no limit. You want 30 shows, thats cool, just send the blanks this way...I'm in a generous mood.

Also, the first four people to reply will get a free show of their choice.

Thanks for all the help in deciding which site to use....db.etree.org has been easy and efficient.

Lastly, if anyone has any of the shows on my want list, lemme know, i'd love to hook something up.

Well, thats it. Hope you all find something you like. I plan on doing some burning from now till Christmas.

[big Grin]

Second Tubes Show List

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Hey bro,can I grab this one?

Setlist for The Slip - 11/30/01

Venue Foss Dining Hall - Colby College

City Waterville

State Maine

Set 1 intro>The Lucky Dragon

Johnny's Tune

Nashua Rose

Get Me With Fuji

Nellie Jean>Jam>

Just a Closer Walk With Thee



While My Guitar Gently Weeps*


E1: Take a Beetle to the Badlands

E2: Without or Without You

E3: Moral Decay

*instrumental, dedicated to George Harrison

Nice collection by the way.


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SPalmer, you grabbed the third freebie spot,

and Chewie you made it in the last spot.

Pick a show and gimme your address...

[big Grin]

Freeker, i kinda slowed down my keller trading. I had at least twice that, but started deleting my aud copies (that had crowd noice due to being in small bars), and shows that had lots of repeats (in the early 2000's he played a lot of the same stuff).

Now that he doesn't offer soundboard patches, unless you know Lou, the quality of his 2003 recordings have dropped significantly...

Now, if you have any late 90's keller, or 2003 soundboards (cause i know they are leaking out), i'd definately be up for a trade...

If not, i'll b&p you as many Keller shows as you'd like....to bad i didn't talk to ya before i deleted about 12 gigs of keller to make way for Jazz ...

As i said, nothing deleted was too amazing, but the keller i have left are all worth keeping...

[big Grin]

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All i have is SBD's. Lou still seems perfecty willing to give out patches as long as your there early so theres still lots of SBD from this year. forget about my request for that "tickle" show i just realized i have it, but its mislabeled in your list it was actually on 6/25/97. But ya once i get a new spindle we will hook up i need to get that 01/01/00 show of yours first, that -

Thin Mint> Help On The Way> Wedge> Franklin's Tower*, It's A Plant> Johnny B. Goode^> Inhale To The Chief, Yoni> Gimme Shelter> India - second set looks killer

[big Grin]

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Originally posted by secondtube:

second freebie gone, i'll bring it to the bar next time i'm out greg...enjoy.

two more freebie slots available.

Cheers Steve,hey I was wonderin also if you still have that "Rockin' the casbah" collection?If so let me know I seem to have lost mine and would love another copy of those three discs.

Not doin much trading at the moment I have a ton of shows to finish for some folks but if I have somthing you would like for the "Rockin' the casbah" discs let me know.



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I do, i didn't put it on my list because doug got so pissed about me making those...

but, sure, i'll hook you up with those...

I lost my original copies, and had to EAC a copy i burned for Tracy. IT had some scratches on it, but i pretty much got originals back...

With the work i put into those, i really wish i could spread those to everyone...


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no one misses out...

if you want a few shows, email me the blanks.

if you only want one show, i'm sure i could allow one extra freebie. you were one of the first to respond, just didn't say what you wanted...

kinda browsed over ya...sorry.

BUT, just lemme know what you want, and we'll work something out.

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Freeker, i checked my acoustalunatickle txt file and this is what is says:



Keller WIlliams : Guitar

Willie Samuelson : Bass

? : Drums

Venue Murphy's

City Steamboat Springs

State CO

Set 1 On the Road Again, ?, Friendly Pyramid, Jesse James, Napoleon, ?, Tell My Feet> Legalize It> Tell My Feet, 221", Franklin's Tower, Day That Never Wuz, Pickin' Up the Pieces, Moondance, ?, Pets, Same Ol'> Voila Lee> Inhale to the Chief> Chicken Train> Viola Lee

Set 2 ?, Watchtower, Chillin', Ramble On> Portapotty Line, Fire> ?, ?, Running on Fumes> ?, The Weight, Best Feeling, Late in the Evening> Drums> Fuel for the Road

E: Le Freak

Show Added By: greenone

so, i'm not sure if it is the wrong date, maybe the txt file has the wrong date listed.

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Originally posted by secondtube:

so, i'm not sure if it is the wrong date, maybe the txt file has the wrong date listed.

Steve I checked awhile back and I believe the date is wrong also,evryone else I see with this show has it as then 25th.I checked out alot of lists ande sites,the setlist is exact and I could not find any show listed anywhere on the 24th.

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