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grandmaster flash & arrested development


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yup, that just-as-if-not-a-little-bit-more-evil-twin of mine has somehow arranged for us to red carpet this event. yo. (arms crossed)

qu'est-ce que, you should come out for sure! thorgny was in as of last week, and it's gonna be a ton of fun. it's at tonic, which i'm told is on peter street, across & down a bit from the joker.

c'mon daddio, don't be such a (7x7=49).

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finished all immediate responsibilities...

are ya goin for sure, becky? call me at home, or have Ian call me if yer going... 705.878.1201

bones or smellypants, if ya wanna save the earth a litle and carpool, feel free to call too. ask for craig, my roommates might not know what to say if you say "bonjour, qu'est-ce que c'est?"

ps. if the girl answers, no need to be friendly [smile]

take me to another place,

take me to another land,

let me forget all that hurts me,

let me understand your plan.

tennessee,tennessee... yeah!

(close enough)

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qqc, i am 100% going for sure.

and baby, i gots your digits. [smile] i'm working for the man until at least 5 so i probably won't be able to call you in time, but YOU SHOULD COME!

(c'mon, bella bastardo is even for sure on this one! yes, you did read that right.)

i haven't talked to ian, so i dunno what's up, but last i heard he was already going to be in toronto and was planning to go. of course, that was before all this stranded-in-london action, so who knows... wherever the gov'nor is we can rest assured he's givin'er.

sorry to hear of your roomate troubles, by the way.

rest of you folks, there's info for this show on ticketmaster.ca if you need more that what's here.

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well.... i went.

arrived to find a swarming mass of people outside tonic. i don't know how many lines they had going on (i'm guessing 4 or 5?), but the theme seemd to be "let's push and shove and decide to suddenly switch lines! hey, trampling all over anyone in the way sounds like great fun!". we finally edged our way up to security, only to find out the singular list they have up there is like, the personal invitees of tonic only. jammed right up there with other irate "HEY, I'M ON THE LIST, WTF"-ers, we decide to escape the madness.

oh, and while all this is going on, perched atop a plexiglass platform over the entrance, they have some guy up there sawing through steel or some shit -- not sure if this was actually required or if it was merely for entertainment (perhaps tonic feels they need a heavy metal edge), but sparks were flying all over the place and the noise was just as annoying as you could imagine.

we decide to get out of the mess and wait for the line to thin out a bit. a couple of frozen daquiris (very sensible choice in the sub-zero-windchill) and some munchie food later, we wander back only to find a still-substantial-lineup. since it was nearly midnight at this point, and the folks still in line didn't look like they were going anywhere anytime soon, we decided to throw in the towel and head back to town.

the night wasn't a total loss though, aside from being in good company, got in some good wandering, and by some stroke of luck, even managed to score free parking in a conveniently located lot. my body is also thanking me for the extra hour or so of sleep it got due to missing out on the show. all in all, the night was a lot of fun, and in some ways more memorable than making it inside.

anyone actually get to see the show?

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