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Free Works Burgers


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so, you got free meals because it took the waiter an extra 3 minutes between the time you were first seated and when he came back to take your orders for him to tell you they were out of veggie burgers?

No. As I said, it was after we had our drinks, so much longer than three minutes. And I also said that we didn't make a stink about it, but the manager realized it could have been handled better, so offered to comp our meals. Wasn't like we threw a tantrum because they didn't tell us the second we walked in.

I was not expecting this to be a contentious anecdote.

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no no, im not trying to be a dick, i was just thinking that the manager was very very generous. i dont think its that unusual to be told they are out of something upon ordering. besides, maybe you all looked like ravenous meat-eaters and they didn't think you would care.

Cool, sorry. I misunderstood your tone. A first on the Internet.

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