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Doug Feaver - Winking Judge - Hmltn - Tonight


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Doug Fever - A Canadian Institution

I was the only person there from back in the days but that was ok...

when Doug plays, he just plays... he would even if it was just for the mice... walked in and stood by myself, then sat by myself once most of the working folk there left... he did a rare Dire Wolf to fulfil my obscure Garcia request (which I went for because he said he had already played Valerie... then he played Valerie again for me later on anyways once the early crowd left)

the first song I walked in for he broke a G string... an hour later during Dire Wolf he broke his D string (we both laughed and shared a smile at that...)

also did a totally rockin version of Marley's Jammin I hadn't heard him do before, a few Gord Lightfoot tunes, Hank Williams, The Band... awesome djembe jam with shaker in one hand... changing broken strings while playin harmonica and not missing a beat... played 5 of his songs in a row which was a real treat

told some stories I hadn't heard like about his carny great-grandfather who pretended to run a magazine that didn't exist so he could use the advertising money he brought in to help the veteran's legion get set up...

nothing like a Doug show... I was only going to stay a bit and ended up leaving after helping him load his gear at 3 am

he's been recording and will have a CD or 2 ready soon... we also talked about converting the CBC movie about him to DVD and distributing it

if you haven't seen him yet, do yourself the favour some time

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CBC movie about Dougie? I need to see that...

Always good times. Personal favs being Buffalo Grass and Our Little Town. I remember the first Fever boot leg I ever got, the tape started with Doug saying "... cause he's only 13 and couldn't get in."

I was outside on the step of the Norfolk in Dover listening and watching through the window. And all the older cool kids were giving me the finger from inside. At least I could grow a beard by 15 eh!

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