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Boston mp3s here...


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they're quite mp3-ish to my ears (lots of wash and warble) but it seems that the http and ftp downloads of lossless shows has gone the way of the dodo, and I can't get BT to work from work for the life of me.

You're good at it, right? Any suggestions?

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Tooly call me.

chances are your behind the default firewall in XP (easy to turn off)

of course you can always port forward the ports needed to make it work with a firewall...

but its just easier to turn of XP's shitty firewall feature.

If your running 98, and not behind a firewall, then thats a whole different story...one i may not have an answer to.

but currently i'm done the ADK source, and 75% done the mk41 source.

I"m listening to the hood right now from the ADK source, and it sounds not too bad...i'm hoping the mk41 source sounds a little better...

both downloaded at over 100 kB/s each, simultaniously (sp).

I've figured out my max download it around 248 kB/s. I've reached that speed on individual downloads or combined speed on multiple downloads, and i can never surpass 248 kB/s.

I often wonder how quick you could actually pull a BT show with a hundred or so sources, on a line without a tap.

Shit, i bet you could pull 800 kB/s + if you had a fast enough line...

Anyways, call me hippy if you can't get it fixed. If i dont hear from ya this afternoon will i be seeing ya tonight?

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i was able to compare the two current audience sources for Boston floating around...

the ADK source is definately nicer sounding (in my opinion) than the mk41 source.

BUT, if you have downloaded the mk41 source, i'm not sure if its worth upgrading to the ADK source...(well it only takes two hours to complete a show so....maybe it is worth it).

The ADK source has a lot nicer bottom end to it...bass sounds cleaner....

It has some static through the Cavern though, .... thats is far as i am...i'm going to make sure it has no other problems before i delete the mk41 show...

This Cavern is really funny....download it to find out why...

Good Job Fish covering for Trey.


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just did a test off speedtest.com or somethin and it says mediocre,,, maybe im expecting too much outta cable? i had cable before and it was never this slow,,, thought mtn cable was decent

fucking fuck shit poo fuckface damnitall

i go to start the beanershow again and it wont even initialize,,, going thru that first file at 140 bytes grrrrrr

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