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Hiway Freeker presents FANTASY > Dec 5th T.O.


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Hope everyone is warming up for xmas party season. If you're looking for THE party night of the year, keep on reading.

For those of you that were at the last extravanganza at the 360, you know what I'm talking about.... the best 80s cover band ever.... FANTASY!

* * *FANTASY* * *

Friday December 5th, 2003

The 360 Club

@ 326 Queen Street West, Toronto

Dress 80s if you feel inclined...

Hope to see you there!




Here's snippet of what one fan had to say about the last time Fantasy blazed through town... [Wink]

" The stage was a hub of activity last night and at some points all 10 or so performers would be on stage at the same time. They were showcased perfectly and dramatically by their 80s style costumes, the lighting and smoke effects. The performers did not hesistate to interact with the crowd and their between song banter was done in the respective accents of their characters (ie: Madison, Billy Jaguar, Bahn Bahn)..... Rock and roll cliches moves were paid tribute through the infectuous energy of the band as they spurred on the crowed with high kicks, jumps, deep knee bends, back to back guitar solos, lying on the ground guitar solos, clawing at the air, crawling along the stage... I could go on and on .

Ron on the bass laser was the king of the eve, sporting a knife around his neck so that he could punctuate songs with the shot-gunning of beer. Now there's a Candaian idol for ya! I've never seen so many shotguns done ... let alone done on stage while performing... awesome...

The night closed with encore after encore, with the crowd screaming themselves hoarse for more until the bar had to turn the lights on, awakening all to the reality of the year 2003.

Last night rocked and made all in attendance wanting this band to come through town again - the sooner the better.

Fantasy truly seemed like a fantasy... how could something so real be so good?"


Below is a sample of some of the treats you can expect to hear at a Fantasy show...

Whip It, Final Countdown, Summer of 69, Jesse's Girl, Africa, Take on Me, Turning Japanese, Hungry Like the Wolf, Beat It, Where the Streets Have no Name, Jump, 99 LuftBalloons, Footloose, What a Feeling, Eye of the Tiger, Don't You Want Me, Crosseyed and Painless, Purple Rain, Sunglasses at Night, Everybody Wants to Rule the World, Electric Avenue... and the list goes on....


More than just a cover band... they are an experience!!!

"From Molly & the Ringwalds to the John Sharino Wedding and Bar Mitzvah Experience, throughout the history of ’80s cover bands, none have skyrocketed beyond local obscurity and into international superduperstardom faster than Montreal’s own Dynasty. When news of their tragic break-up during last year’s Scandinavian “Swede Emotion” tour hit Montreal, a city mourned, knowing that not only did it lose a sweet ’80s cover band, but also a guiding light in the hearts of nostalgic twenty- to thirty-somethings everywhere. But like a spandexed phoenix rising from the glittery ashes, there comes a new musical force, hungry like a wolf and ready to claim the title of “sweetest ’80s cover band ever,” under the auspices of Hiway Freeker Productions. That band is Fantasy." - Raf Katigbak, Montreal Mirror


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