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RIP Kevin Rieth

Jay Funk Dawg

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Found out the sad news that Kevin Rieth, a musician (bass player), music lover and father of two children from our community has passed away after a long battle with MS.

I met him at an early Come Together Music Festival and found him to be a kindred spirit; happy go lucky and funny.

He had been dealing with immobilization of his condition with such grace and positivity, it's tragic, but in his final post, he says he was happy to make the transition.



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Ugh. This just gutted me to read this. I knew the day was coming one day but very sad. He has fought hard. His brother Brian is also a dedicated music lover and supporter. Slow deterioration is an incredibly difficult reality to be saddled with. I've known nothing but positivity and light from these guys. Humbling. My sincere love and condolences. 

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