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ISO: 11/16 moe. at Town Ballroom single tick


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Well I guess it's been about three years exactly since I had the pleasure of seeing moe. at one of my all time favourite venues (town ballroom...not a bad seat in the house). Soooo tight as per usual. Sat night's set in particular was a burner but Friday was also full of less familiar jams that put me right in the zone. Ended up about third row centre left both nights. Right in the pocket. And with good sight lines for Jim...im not sure if what he plays is technically considered a xylophone but he is a sonic genius. I get completely  entranced by him every show. Ridiculous. Long live moe....

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Good times in Buffalo Saturday night. My first time at the Town Ballroom. This is a fantastic venue for a concert. I'll be back for sure. Jim was awesome on the xylophone and it's the first time I've seen electronic percussion as part of his repertoire. A nice addition. We went to Nietzsche's afterwards to catch the 2nd set of Goose. That band is a lot of fun too. Gotta get me some more moe. Thinking of Burlington VT over the holidays.

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