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DFTM Ottawa Roll Call


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should be a really great show...


Down From The Mountain performers include Alison Krauss & Union Station featuring Dan Tyminski & Jerry Douglas, Emmylou Harris, Ralph Stanley, Ricky Scaggs, Norman & Nancy Blake, Bob Neuwirth, The Whites, Nashville Bluegrass Band, Del McCoury Band, Chris Thomas King, Colin Linden and Rodney Crowell.

Alison Krauss and Union Station - Alison Krauss earned her first Grammy nomination at the age of 18 and won her first Grammy two years later for her Rounder album, ‘I've Got That Old Feeling’. With the support of her band, Union Station (Krauss/fiddle, Barry Bales/Bass, Ron Block/Banjo & Guitar, Dan Tyminski/Guitar and Jerry Douglas/Dobro), Alison has recorded a total of eight albums, including the double platinum ‘Now That I've Found You: A Collection’. Their latest release, ‘Forget About It’ will be followed in August by a new, as yet untitled band album, on long-time label, Rounder. In addition to her own recording success, Alison is also in demand as a session player, harmony singer and producer. Her production credits include the Cox Family and Nickel Creek. Each of the band members are in demand studio musicians and producers in their own right and Dan, Ron and Jerry have recorded solo record projects. For more information, visit www.alisonkrauss.com

Dan Tyminski - As a former member of the Lonesome River Band, and as a current member of Alison Krauss and Union Station, Dan Tyminski’s outstanding vocal abilities and hard-driving instrumental style have earned him a loyal following on the bluegrass scene for more than a decade. Additionally, he has done extensive works as a record producer and a frequent musician and guest vocalist on countless country and bluegrass albums. Now Dan takes centre stage with his debut solo album, ‘Carry Me Across the Mountain’ on Doobie Shea Records and lead vocals on the song "Man of Sorrow" on the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack. For more information, visit www.dantyminski.com

Jerry Douglas - Jerry Douglas could have been a musical innovator on any number of instruments. But as a teenager Douglas adopted the relatively obscure and unexplored Dobro, and that decision has helped him carve out a unique place in American music. By discovering the capabilities of this expressive instrument during a period of intense creativity in acoustic music generally, Douglas has wielded incalculable influence on bluegrass and its many related genres. His transcendent technique and his passionate musicality has helped him net six Grammy Awards and six International Bluegrass Music Association Dobro Player of the Year awards. LIFE Magazine named him one of the ten best country musicians of all time, and John Fogerty has lauded him as "my favorite musician." He has collaborated with legends like Ray Charles, premiere vocalists like Maura O'Connell, and envelope-stretching composers like Bill Frisell. Other musicians and producers, including his Union Station band mates, credit him with drawing better performances out of his collaborators.

Emmylou Harris - Born in Alabama, Emmylou Harris took up the guitar as a teenager, inspired by the folk music of Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, and Judy Collins. After stints in Greenwich Village and Nashville, she found regular club work in Washington D.C., where she was discovered by country-rock visionary Gram Parsons. Ms. Harris emerged as a solo artist with ‘Pieces of the Sky’ in 1975, the first of her eight consecutive million-selling albums. ‘Elite Hotel’, ‘Luxury Liner’, and ‘Quarter Moon in a Ten-Cent Town’ followed, establishing her as a country-rock leader. She then released the pure-country ‘Blue Kentucky Girl’, followed by her bluegrass homage, ‘Roses in the Snow’, which headed the neo-traditionalist wave that swept through country music in the early 1980s. Following 1987’s ‘Trio’ album with Dolly Parton and Linda Ronstadt, Ms. Harris issued the gospel salute ‘Angel Band’. In the 1990s, she took a leading role in country music’s alternative wing, winning a Grammy in 1991 for ‘Live at the Ryman’, followed by another Grammy in 1995 for ‘Wrecking Ball’. Her 1999 album ‘Trio II’ won her a ninth Grammy Award. For her latest album, the genre-transcending ‘Red Dirt Girl’ (2000) released on Nonesuch Records, Ms. Harris was the songwriter and poet for all but one of the 12 pieces. For more information, visit www.emmylou.net

Ralph Stanley - With over 150 albums to his credit and a career spanning 50-plus years, Ralph Stanley is truly, as The Washington Post called him, "the natural king of bluegrass." From his beginning as a part of the Stanley Brothers with older brother Carter to his own solo career, his numerous awards and accolades just highlight all he has done to enrich America’s cultural heritage. He received the National Endowment for the Humanities "Traditional American Music Award," was given an Honorary Doctorate of Music from Lincoln Memorial University, has received six Grammy nominations in the last six years, is an International Bluegrass Music Association Hall of Honour inductee and has performed at the inaugurations of Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. In April 2000, The Library of Congress honoured Stanley with the "Living Legend" medal along with Bobby Short, Isaac Stern and others. His latest recording ‘While the Ages Roll On’ is available on Rebel Records.

Ricky Skaggs helped bring country music back around to its roots, leading the revival for a much-needed overhaul. He has helped to pull country music out of the slick pop sounding doldrums that dominated the genre for too many years. Ricky blends traditional elements such as bluegrass, gospel, honky-tonk, and western swing with contemporary songs and state-of-the-art production techniques. He has accomplished all of this with an eye to the future, while paying respect to the past.

Norman Blake - At the age of 16, Norman Blake quit school to play mandolin in a band, and music has been the focus of his life ever since. His invaluable contributions to the preservation of traditional American music are well documented on countless collaborations including stints with Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, John Hartford, Kris Kristofferson, and Joan Baez among others. He has released over thirty recordings to his name with his past receiving Grammy nominations in the Best Traditional/Folk category. His newest release, slated for release this month on Shanachie Records is ‘Flower From The Fields Of Alabama’.

Nancy Blake has released albums with husband Norman Blake and solo. She is an accomplished musician whose musical styles include bluegrass, traditional, and classical.

The Del McCoury Band - During the late 1950s and 1960s, a young banjo player and tenor singer named Delano Floyd McCoury was cutting his bluegrass teeth in the bars of Baltimore. Bill Monroe suggested Del try out for the spot of lead singer and guitar player in his Bluegrass Boys. After a few years, Del was fronting his own Dixie Pals. Throughout the seventies and eighties, Del McCoury and the Dixie Pals were favourites of the Northeast bluegrass scene. With the additions of sons Ronnie and Robbie, the band changed its name to the Del McCoury Band and relocated to Nashville. Today, Del is the foremost practitioner of the art of bluegrass singing. He is revitalized, re-energized, and making the best records of his illustrious career. The Del McCoury Band enjoys the praise of traditional bluegrass lovers and tie-dyed clad 'Del-Heads' alike. With a new project in the works, the Del McCoury Band is ready to help lead bluegrass to its greatest heights ever. Del has proven not to be a relic of bluegrass music's past, but an architect of its future.

The Nashville Bluegrass Band - Formed in 1985, the Nashville Bluegrass Band has become one of the most predominant bluegrass groups ever to come together. In the past eleven years, the group has become the most awarded bluegrass band on the music scene, winning Grammys for Best Bluegrass Album for their latest release, ‘Unleashed’ and Best Bluegrass Recording for ‘Waitin' for the Hard Times to Go’, four straight International Bluegrass Music Association awards for Vocal Group of the Year, two IBMA awards for Entertainer of the Year, and one for Song of the Year. The NBB has toured extensively, playing not only at Carnegie Hall and The Grand Ole Opry, but also in Italy, Iraq, Israel, Brazil, Britain, Germany, France, Egypt, Japan, and The People's Republic of China.

The quintet is comprised of Pat Enright (guitar), Alan O'Bryant (banjo), Stuart Duncan (fiddle and mandolin), Roland White (mandolin), and Gene Libbea (acoustic bass).

The Whites - The story of The Whites begins in Texas when a young Buck White started his musical career not long after the end of World War II, working dance halls and radio shows in a succession of bands. In the 1960’s, he moved his wife Pat and young daughters, Sharon and Cheryl to Arkansas. There he formed a band called the Down Home Folks that eventually became a family band. The family moved to Nashville and became a full-time band in the early 70’s. The Down Home Folks (now Buck, Sharon, and Cheryl) made a name for themselves on the bluegrass circuit, playing festivals across the country and releasing five acclaimed albums. Changing the name to The Whites, the group reached national prominence in the 1980’s with a series of Top 20 hits of Billboard’s Country Charts culminating in their induction as members of the Grand Ole Opry in 1984. Their latest album, ‘A Lifetime in the Making’, is available on Ricky Skaggs’ Ceili Music label. For more information, visit www.ceilimusic.com

Chris Thomas King - Few contemporary blues musicians can claim to be true innovators of the genre, and even fewer can boast of a recording career that literally redefines the term ‘modern blues’. New Orleans-based firebrand guitarist/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist, Chris Thomas King can stake that claim and more. For over a decade, he has been piloting the blues into the 21st century, creating new sounds and recordings that are nothing short of visionary. Rolling Stone called him the "heir to Hendrix and Howlin’ Wolf…an uncommonly expressive guitarist, singer and composer." His latest album, ‘Me, My Guitar and the Blues’ is available on Blind Pig records.

For more information, visit www.christhomasking.com

Visit Down From The Mountain

featuring performances by Alison Krauss & Union Station, Emmylou Harris, Ralph Stanley, Ricky Scaggs and many more's website at http://www.downfromthemountain.com

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i'll be there with the wife and daughter. we'll prolly be in our portable red chairs w/ maple leafs on them. say hi

If your on the fence hop on over cause this is an awesome line up. (and the rest of the festival aint too shabby. tops on my list for this weekend are the kudzu kings, JJ Cale and STEVE EARLE! if you've never seen steve do yourself a favour and go on sunday night. and if youve never heard of JJ cale you may know some of his songs - after midnight, cocaine, travelling light, ride me high...)

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