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missin good music...


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Hope there's still some good music going down in January when I get back from this cruise from hell! Awww... it's not that bad but after playing top 40 for 2 months.. every day... and all the music you hear on the radio is the same crap you play everyday... well... you can understand.

I've got a BIG itch to get back to the northland and bust out some good music. Reading this board makes me want it even more. I even listened to an old BNB show last night... makes me wanna play in a kick ass again. Ah well... here's a shot of the crap I have to wear and play and the closet sized space I live in in. Adios amigos...

seaman heisholt from cozumel


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oh... and here's some tunes too... last night's sets...

Set one

dock of the bay

from this moment

99 red balloons

power of love



oh what a night

time of my life

turn the beat

maria maria

disco set

disco inferno

le freak

get down tonight

shake yer booty

that's the way i like it

car wash

boogie oogie oogie

play that funky music

i will survive

we are family



that pic didn't go through... so


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I'm getting a "page not available" error on that picture URL, 'ersh.

It's good to hear from you. Are you taping any of this stuff? I can only imagine your anguish...if you're doing a single gig you don't like to pay the bills, you know it'll be over in the morning...even touring with a band whose music you don't like, you can always bail and bus back home...but to be stuck in a small cabin for months at a time, doing that music over and over and over...it would tax most any of us.



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It's good to hear from you Jeff. You have no idea how much I wish I could be a fly on the wall for one of your cruise ship shows. All the old ladies dancing to Boogie Oogie Oggie would be a riot! We all know of course that you can probably pull it off like no one's business. You are one talented seaman. [Wink]

Sorry to hear you're getting homesick and lacking in good tunes. I am sure we'd all be happy to send you a disk or two if you give us some contact info.

Do you have to have approval of your setlist or could you throw in something different once in a while? You know send the subliminal Phish vibe through the ship or something?

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Thanks for checking in Jeff, and for the "snapshot" into your current life.

There are a lot of people I am sure that would love to hear you bust out some great music when you return to Canada. I'm certainly one of them.

By the way, that Disco Set looks like it has some funky tunes in it that you could potentially have some fun with, but I'm guessing that you don't have an opportunity to jam it out at all. The same songs, played the same way, every day ... it could be worse, but it could be better I'm sure.

Hopefully you'll come back with a renewed sense of energy, a need to really let loose musically, and a fat bank account.

Peace, Mark

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Nice pics! I like your setlist too. We should send Myrna on that cruise. I'd bet she'd love to take Stapes with her and they would dance up a storm all night.

I like the Music for 'Ersh benefit. If you don't want post your P.O. box, maybe could send it to one person who could pass it on to those that want to send you something.


I moved your pic (well, not moved) to our ftp so that it could be displayed. yahoo/geocitiesmakes it a pain to host an image.

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