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Broken Social Scene Halifax ***POSTPONED***


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Broken Social Scene

w/ TBA

September 24th @ The Marquee

more info soon

Broken Social Scene can best be described as an ever-expanding ensemble of instrument-switching Toronto pop musicians. Built around the core of Kevin Drew, Brendan Canning, Charles Spearin, Jason Collett, Andrew Whiteman, Justin Peroff and Evan Cranley, Broken Social Scene often featuring members of other indie super-groups including Do Make Say Think, By Divine Right, Stars, Metric, and whoever else seems to be in town.

You Forgot It In People, the bands sophomore album, has set the buzz-meter to new heights in Canada, garnering the group unprecedented 5 stars reviews from music critics, a 'Best Alternative Album' Juno nomination and helping launch Arts&Crafts, the bands upstart Toronto based label.

You Forgot It In People is a pop record designed to remind us that music still has room to be recreated. Their last record was made for lovers in bathrooms. This record is for the ones who leave their homes looking for hope.

Arts&Crafts will be releasing Broken Social Scene's You Forgot It In People in the U.S. on June 3rd.

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I regret to announce that Broken Social Scene show has been postponed. We are working on another date for this year.

The Comfrimed opener was THE SLIP this would have been show of the year in my books to bad.

In replacement of Broken Social Scene we're putting together a killer weekend of music at The Marquee.

We're going to slam 10 bands in The Marquee over the weekend.

September 24/25th

CONSTANTINES headlining both nights!!!

other confirmed acts


Grand Theft Bus

In Flight Safety

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Looks like the whore at least knows when to cop my bright ideas. I knew about this for a bit but was keeping it under my hat surprisingly. I really hope the replacement date works for all intended. On another note I gather that The Slip have teased Broken Social Scene at least twice- once Marc teases cause=time in a Nellie Jean and I just identified a clear quote of Anthems For A Seventeen Year Old Girl in the new song My Landlord (I gather Brad also quoted this song in his solo show).

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I have been trying to connect those two bands for some time. I'm glad you're doing it don't get me wrong but the fact that either act is aware of one another has at least a passing connection to me. I put You Forgot It In People in Brad's hand and also talked up the Slip to several of the BSS members.

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oh ok , from your other post it sounded like you were claimming that i have stolen your idea. I know the slip really wanted to play with BSS and with them playing evolve this year. i couldn't think of a better band to open that would draw alot peole. I didn't know that you were trying to link these bands together.

hey luke i'm always looking for investers ;)

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Ok ok Luke your lightsaber is obviously bigger, now let's get back to show dates here.

I'd like to know a.s.a.p the when/where of these ontario dates so I can actually make it. It's been too long and I don't want to get the broomstick in the arsehole the way I did with the Shaker.

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