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Eating a huge lunch and then taking a nap

- ohhh yaaahhhh.

mmmmmm, if you're not at work and you can, it is. the worst is wanting desperately to take a nap after lunch, and being unable to because you're stuck in the office. :( one of my bosses & i call that terrible sluggishness "after lunch syndrome". ugh, it's so hard to keep truckin' with ALS... makes the afternoon turn to molasses.

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Corner Gas sucks. I hate Brent Butt.

Satsuma Soap...big fan here. I also used to love the smell of The Gap's "grass" perfume...I had a girlfriend who wore it and I'd go all Peter North on her when she did.

that stuff is great! my friend chelsey used to wear that too! too bad it comes from the gap though, i have never and will never buy anything from the gap. i have to admit though, i bought a pair of gap cords from a used clothing store in waterloo. i love the gap's clothes but hate their politics.

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