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The Creaking Tree String Quartet - Ottawa!


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I just got back from checking out The Creaking Tree String Quartet at Cosmic Charlie's in Peterborough -- WOW! These four guys (mandolin, stand-up bass, acoustic guitar, violin) are amazing!!

They're playing in Ottawa the next two nights (Saturday and Sunday) and I highly recommend checking them out.

5/3/03 - Rasputin's

5/4/02 - Bayou

Go for it!! Spacey, intricate and beautiful bluegrass style music. Besides their impressive original tunes, they covered the likes of Bill Frisell, Bill Evans, and Bill Monroe (maybe a few others as well). I believe the mandolin player is in Crazy Strings. Bouche and Ms. Hux, this is the band that was playing at that anti-war festival at Nathan Phillips Square when we ran into each other a few weeks ago!


ps - these guys belong at Frontier Town.

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It looks like they're coming back to the Ottawa area.

The Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield, Quebec is putting on (what it calls) "a jam band festival" on June 20/21. Friday, June 20, features Hiway Freeker and nero (the BSI page now lists HF as "HiWay Freeker a.k.a. Bob Dylan Project"), and Saturday, June 21 has HF and CTSQ.



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