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Thank you. Pittifer wins.

Then, after it gets boring and annoying, we can change it to Pitifulifer...(or Pitihadmyfilofher...)

I will now call the tabloids and demand royalties for the term.

Just make sure to forward me my cut, otherwise the BradM Crack(ed) Legal Team will be dispatched to take it out of your hide. ::




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Do you know what's ridiculous? On ET on Friday the voice-over said:

"ET producers will be working round the clock this weekend to bring you the most updated news about the breakup".

When something like this happens, I am left wondering what's new with M.Jackson, whether Beyoncé has posed for Playboy yet (fingers crossd) and whether Angelina Jolie still possesses the world's best lips (God yes, she certainly does)

BradM: I got yer back. And good work on: Pitifulifer. It says what needs to be said.

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Is it a result of head-in-the-sand-itis that this "news" was all over the media this past weekend (i.e. the tsumani reports are so depressing and horrifying that people are looking for escape into something trivial) or is it a symptom of head-up-our-collective-asses-itis (i.e. that we, as a society, place more value on the breakup of a marriage of 2 people none of us have ever met vs. millions of casualties in another part of the world)?

I would hope it's the former, but that's probably my own version of not facing reality.....

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This just in:

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt reportedly had a steamy affair while working together in the movie, and Jennifer Aniston found out about it when she listened in on a phone call and heard the two having phone sex. Sexy telephone conversations between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were the final nail in the coffin of the marriage of Brad Pitt to Jennifer Aniston, according to a report in News of the World

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Via Google News (So you are aware I have more to do than read the Sacramento Bee):

Brad-Jen split leaves many feeling hurt

By Alison apRoberts -- Bee Staff Writer

Published 2:15 am PST Tuesday, January 11, 2005

How could they do this to us? Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston left countless admirers feeling dumped when they announced this past weekend that they were breaking up.

"I can't tell you how many people have said to me, ‘If they can't make it, who can?' " said Ken Baker, West Coast executive editor for Us Weekly magazine, speaking by phone Monday from Los Angeles.

You don't need to have been at the wedding in 2000 to feel jilted.

"It's kind of depressing; I'm a single girl myself, and it's like there's no hope," said Michelle Biggs, who lives in Sacramento and is 35, the same age as Aniston. "I was hoping it would turn out to be forever."

The stars' romance had grabbed our imaginations, along with nonstop covers of celebrity magazines, since they met in 1998 and married on July 29, 2000. Their split not only gets the covers again, it's pushing publication deadlines around. People magazine rushed an issue onto newsstands Monday, four days ahead of schedule. Us Weekly is publishing a day early, with the new issue making it to newsstands in New York and Los Angeles today, and elsewhere on Thursday.

"We're just going to rip up the magazines; everybody wants to read the Brad-and-Jen story," Baker says.

In 10 years of working in celebrity journalism (at People and then at Us), Baker says, he can't recall pushing publication up before.

But then this story is different than the usual comings and goings of romance among the glitterati.

This year's Brennifer story offers a night-and-day contrast to last year's Bennifer story - the saga of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck getting together and splitting up.

"That was probably the biggest celebrity story of 2004 but everyone expected that, everyone reveled in it; Brad and Jen were the opposite," Baker says. "I didn't think I would be editing a story announcing their breakup; there seemed to be a commitment there."

The difference, in large part, seems to be simply that people really liked Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston and wished them well.

"Something about this couple really, really made people root for them," Baker says. "Marriages don't last in Hollywood, everybody knows that, but we wanted to believe that they would make it."

Maybe the best measure of how much we wanted their marriage to work shows in how well we overlooked signs that all was not well.

• Tres Jolie: There were rumors that 29-year-old Angelina Jolie, who played Pitt's on-screen wife, was playing at something similar with him off-screen while the two filmed "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" last spring. Even though there was no word of the actress sporting any new tattoos or vials.

• Family planning: Pitt told Diane Sawyer, "God, I'm going to say it: Kids. Family. I'm thinking family." Aniston wasn't saying anything along those lines, and several movie projects in the works suggest she hasn't been planning on maternity leave.

• AWOL: In December, Aniston was spotted not wearing a wedding ring in Los Angeles. Also, Aniston was noticeably absent from the L.A. premiere of Pitt's movie "Ocean's Twelve."

Why were so many of us able to overlook the trouble signs and just keep hoping for the best? It's not as though most of us sent gifts, but somehow we had something invested in this couple, we felt we knew them.

Where Lopez is a distant diva, Aniston seems more like a former roommate, perhaps because we spent 10 years watching her on "Friends." And where Affleck is mostly earnest, Pitt has a comic gift that makes him seem like your favorite goofy cousin. (It also doesn't hurt that he looks good in skimpy armor, as we learned in "Troy.")

The couple seemed to have several things going for them. They are adults; he is 41 and she is 35 - comfortably removed from both the crazy teen years and the midlife-crisis zone.

Their romance, by Hollywood standards, moved slowly and steadily but with lots of flair. Their wedding was a lavish ceremony on a Malibu estate, complete with gospel choir, fireworks and thousands of flowers.

Their wedding vows, which they wrote themselves and as reported in People, were among the most homespun and heartfelt ever, including his promise to "split the difference on the thermostat," and her pledge to always make his "favorite banana milkshake." wo never starred in a movie together, they seemed to make a good team as partners in production company Plan B, which is set to release "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" in July. (There's no word on the partnership's future.)

But there was trouble in paradise and it became official on the idyllic Caribbean island of Anguilla, where the couple was on holiday with former "Friends" co-star Courteney Cox and her husband, David Arquette.

(The island stop had People magazine offering up the best got-it-all-wrong headlines. On the cover: "Brad & Jen's Romantic Getaway." Inside: "Rift? What rift?")

You don't have to be a superstar who vacations on a tropical island to feel sad about the end of the fairy tale.

"We project the feelings of our own lives onto celebrities, and this makes us look at ourselves and our relationships and feel disillusioned," Baker says.

Before you take it too personally, Baker suggests remembering that celebrity brings its own hazards to happily-ever-after: "too many options, too much narcissism and no privacy."

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I'm glad they split... I've never found Jennifer Anniston to be very talented or attractive... (Sorry to you Friends freaks, but the show sucked, as did the cast). Brad is a great actor... Fight Club? Ocean's Eleven? Snatch? Awesome... I hope now that he's single again he gets back into doing some really stand out roles. I never really liked Brad when I was younger (I thought he was a "pretty boy"), but his roles in Fight Club and Snatch changed that for me. I wish him all the best, and I hope Jennifer crashes and burns... Not literally, just career-wise...

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