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30 is now 15...


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Marijuana Law


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TORONTO -- The federal government will reportedly table its new marijuana law late next week.

The Globe and Mail also says the legislation will decriminalize possession of less than 15 grams of pot -- not 30 grams as previously reported.

The paper says federal officials decided on a 15-gram limit because the drug has become more potent in recent years.

Fifteen grams is enough to roll about 20 joints.

The paper quotes sources as saying anyone possessing less than 15 grams would merely be ticketed and fined under the Contraventions Act.

The Toronto Star, meantime, quotes sources as saying Ottawa plans to keep simple possession of pot on the books as a criminal offence under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

At the same time, the Star says anyone convicted of possessing small amounts of pot would be fined -- not jailed -- and would not have a criminal record.

The paper did not define ``small amounts.''


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30 or 15 or 5 who cares?

I have been fighting for my medical for 5 years now.....I say this is just fine, I just want to see people who actually need this for medicine, not get a criminal record for trying to be well.

And I wouldnt want to see people(who enjoy recreational) getting life time criminal records like myself, over such a harmless intoxicant.15 is better then zero.

It has to start somewhere.

*Thanks, Chewie. [big Grin] for me this is great news.

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one step at a time boys, one step at a time.

and yes it is good that our foolaticians dont have their heads so far up their finacial supporters asses that they still can make a few smart decisions on their own [Eek!][Eek!]

time to set up another frame right now! [Wink]

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Originally posted by CyberHippie:

If the law does change, what are the implications for those who already have a record? Could you try to appeal?

my advice to you is to drink heavily.

no...call a lawyer....does this person's record say the amount of mary jane?

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My guess is that if they made the fine/citation the equivilant of a drinking out of residence fine or something then it wouldn't be an issue. But if they call it something else then it'll be exactly the same as a criminal record as far as the folks who frequent here are concerned. What I mean by that is you still will have a record as far as the U.S. is concerned and you won't be allowed in the U.S.

And as far as erasing a previous charge, you might be able to in Canada, I have no idea, but again as far as the U.S. is concerned you'll be the same criminal you always were...

Sorry to be a downer.

The positive side of it is the police possibly wouldn't even waste there time giving out the citations, whether they are the type that identify the charge or not. So it should lead to less charges, be they criminal charges or tickets.

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i read somewhere that if they do decriminalize it, theyre not going to throw away all the old charges that ppl have on their records, i think that would just be too much work.

i hope its just a fine, no charge on yoru records, 15 grams is fine by me, thats a half o in a bag. dont use a ziplock they weigh like 5 grams, and youll be over the limit.

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