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Ottawa Bluesfest lineup!!

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There's a few mentions in this article from Canoe from earlier this month, nothing confirmed till the lineup gets posted but some are at least 75% (Oh, and Velvet I owe you an apology for the ZZ Top thing):

1. Big Summer Classic

2. William Shatner

3. ZZ Top w/the New York Dolls

4. Percy Sledge w/The Hammerheads

5. K-OS

6. The Neville brothers

As for volunteering KevO I would recommend it if you can do the six shifts needed for access to all of bluesfest. If you're interested in working backstage I'd be happy to try and get you in although I'm not a sure thing as of yet (both schedule-wise and because it's so early).

My ever-changing guesses for other headliners:

1. John mayall and the Bluesbreakers

2. Bill Frisell

3. Spearhead

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Willaim Shatner w/Henry Rollins and Ben Folds!!! COOL!

polkie, spearhead is already part of bigclassic..

SO, based on pollstar/jambase/articles/ spolierwebsites. it seems the following are already confirmed....

ZZtop, Daniel Lanois, Neville Bros, Umphreys, SCI, Keller Williams, spearhead, k-os, Alison Krauss and Jerry Douglas, Xavier Rudd, Sadies, Harlem Gospel Choir, Shatner W/folds and rollins, New york Dolls..

w/ rumours of Bill Frisell, wilco.... who knows what else.

AWESOME!! This is going to be a very eclectic weird-ass festival.. looks unbelievable already. :)

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Unbelievable... So many good bands...


-Keller Williams

-Umphrey's McGee

-Broken Social Scene

-Apostle Of Hustle

-Alison Krauss & Union Station


-John Prine



-Bill Frisell

-The Sadies



Absolutely amazing...

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July 11th, I think it was brought up today at work that it was likely PUNK or whatever the kids call it these days. I'm sure most with festival passes won't want to go to that anyways, so they can just sell one day passes to an entirely different crowd that won't even care about the other music during the rest of the fest.

that's just a guess...but if they don't do that, they should. MONEY!

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That is some line up! Even you "there's no blues at the bluesfest" folks can be somewhat happy with the selection.

And if it's not exciting enough as is there's still a few TBAs....(((((wilco)))))

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