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I Made Ma, Top Of The 1000 Posts World!


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To coin a phrase from the best Gangster of them all, James Cagney from White Heat: " I made it ma, TOP OF THE WORLD "!

1000 posts, and even a few that made sense. I'm already planning my next 1000 posts, which will include insight and reviews of topics and subjects as diverse as:

- Davey Boy, The Novel: The Mamma Mia Pizza, Bubba's Poutine, Beer, Mario Cart Years & Still A Little Peckish Years (review ).

- Second Tube's new CD release: Spoken Word Live At The Fillmore CD Boxed-set ( review )

- Booche and Bouche: Brotherly Love At It's Most Frenchy And Decadent.

- Giggles' Guitar Lessons Vol. 1 & 2 DVD ( review ).

- Uncle Seth Live @ Wild Oscars ( review )

- Dr. Huxtable's thoughts on his new job as a Family Coalition Party Representative.

- Why Is Dave Lauzon's G&L ASAT Classic Covered In Dust? ( commentary )

- His Name Is Brels: Who? ( essay )

- Passed Out Guy: Live At The Betty Ford Clinic ( concert review )

- Ms Huxtable's latest CD release: The Best Of The QOTD's ( 2001-2003 ) .

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Thanks Reba,

You just reminded me of two more topics that I'll be exploring some time during my next 985 posts:

- Reba: Making Painting Nude Men & The Dogs They Own Fun - The Inverary Edition . ( art review )

- Dog At The Station's Graduation Celebration Scrapbook: Vol. 1-6 .

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