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Hi everbody, Inglewood Jack here. We have some news and some gigs lined up, so I thought I'd get on and do some shameless self-promotion.

First up, we've registered


as our website, but haven't got it hosted or added any content yet; the band's e-mail address is "inglewoodj@gmail.com". Live IJ performances can be downloaded here.

Second, we've revised our line-up a bit. Jason Scott, our saxophone player, is booked up quite a bit with other commitments, so won't be playing with us until he gets free. In his place, we've added Dennis Sarlis on guitar. Dennis has studied under Wayne Eagles, and has a great background in jazz (like Lenny Breau) along with a strong desire to play "new funk". We're glad to have him on board.

For reference, the full line-up of IJ is:

  • Lance Anderchuk on keyboards
  • Pat Cooney (aka thatpatguy) on bass
  • Trevor Curtis on drums
  • D-Mass on turntables
  • Brad McFarlane (aka bradm) on guitar
  • Dennis Sarlis on guitar

Now onto the gigs.

First up, on Wednesday, January 25, 2006, IJ will be playing at Babylon in Ottawa as part of the "EVOLUTION" night, which will feature performances by Alanna and Maya, Inglewood Jack, Rita Carter, Danejahras (Toronto) (loop Pedal, guitar and turntable performance), Flip Kuma and Dante (Detroit, Michigan). There will also be poetry by Ritalin, Elequent, John Akpata, Garmamie. IJ will be doing about a half-hour set.

Next up, on Friday, February 24, 2006, IJ will be playing at Mavericks in Ottawa, opening up for Vanderpark and Throwback. (To hear some live Vanderpark, go here; to hear some live Throwback, go here.)

Finally, on Friday, March 10, 2006, IJ will be playing at Mavericks in Ottawa, opening up for What The Thunder Said (this will be there Ottawa CD release party, I believe) and Lure. (To hear some live WTTS, visit their website, or go here.)

As we get closer to each date, the individual gigs will be hyped and roll-called. We hope people can make it out; we're really hyped to get into a more regular gig schedule, and the new line-up opens up different possibilities for our sound.

If you have questions or comments about Inglewood Jack, post 'em here, or Private Topic or e-mail me.

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hmmmm, march 10, with WTTSaid.


We had a ball sharing the bill and playing with them back in September at Wakefest. With Lure, who's one of the better bands in Ottawa these days, also on the bill, this promises to be a fun night.

Thinking ahead, IJ would also like to set up a gig (ideally in Ottawa) for Saturday, April 1. If there are any bands out there who are thinking of trying to get a gig in Ottawa for around thát time and who think IJ might be a good addition to the bill, let us know.

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Nononono...the "m" in "bradm" has nothing to do with name and everything to do with nomenclature...all it means is that "brad"s "a" through "l" were deemed substandard and not suitable for general release...and the "j" model? Man, we are still cleaning up that mess....



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