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Good Morning


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[color:blue]AHHHH! OHHHH! JEEZussss! It's early! Yeoza!

Ol' Magnum is just waking up at the crack of dawn out here on the island.

Wow! Last night was a doozy, too many Foster's king cans, and too much Seals & Crofts. Man o' Man.

Take a look at what I woke up beside. Good lord Magnum, have some shame..


[color:blue]Guess, the goggles were on pretty heavy last night. whatever I'm gonna go swim in the ocean and cleanse myself of the mom stank.

Oh! and Good Morning! Wake up with wood!

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morning man! and WHAT a morning!!!!! i woke up today, sung my girlfriend a song, and proposed, and she said YES!!!!!


That's awesome man but...haven't you guys been talking about planning your wedding for a couple months now? That is to say, this is nothing particularly new...?

In any event, good morning to you all! For today, 1:00pm is my morning. Don't even get me started on kookycanooky...he'll be in bed until dusk.

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