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2005 / 2006 Hockey League Winners


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[color:black]FINAL RESULTS

[color:purple]** Please Note that the NHL has until Monday April 24 to make any changes to the stats. **


You really ran away with it. Your team stayed healthy most of the year and you were the only team to pass 800 points.

[color:black]OVERALL WINNER

[color:blue]Caspien 822 Points



[color:blue]DaveAndrews 517 Points


[color:black]SMYTHE DIVISION

[color:blue]Sevenseasjim 784

[color:black]ADAMS DIVISION

[color:blue]Caspien 822


[color:blue]Ollie 780

[color:black]NORRIS DIVISION

[color:blue]Booche 769




[color:black]SMYTHE DIVISION

1. Sevenseasjim 784

2. Matty C 754

3. Phishfart420 698

4. Smoothedshredder 680

5. Myotherbrotheresau 620

6. C-Towns 568

average score: 684

[color:black]ADAMS DIVISION

1. Caspien 822

2. Rubberdingy 734

3. Low Roller 684

4. Davey Boy 657

5. Dogatthestation 644

6. Dave Andrews 517

average score: 676


1. Ollie 780

2. Dave-O 747

3. Solargarlic 687

4. AD 668

5. Doug 674

6. Pheasant Plucker 570

average score: 688

[color:black]NORRIS DIVISION

1. Booche 769

2. Blane 704

3. Jaimoe 693

4. Esau 645

5. Badams 63

6. Peipunk 558

average score: 667



* [color:blue]EVERYONE sends 1 disc to Caspien

* Caspien sends 1 disc to Dave Andrews

* Divisional Winners Send 1 Disc to the Divisional Losers as follows

[color:red]Sevenseasjim sends 1 disc to C-Towns

Caspien sends 1 disc to Dave Andrews

Ollie sends 1 disc to Pheasant Plucker

Booche sends 1 disc to Peipunk

* Divisional Winners Receive 1 Disc from Everyone in their Division

[color:green]Matty C





All send 1 disc to Sevenseasjim


Low Roller

Davey Boy


Dave Andrews

All send 1 disc to Caspien





Pheasant Plucker

All send 1 disc to Ollie






All send 1 disc to Booche

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Luckily I managed to jam that horseshoe up real far this year.

It was a great year but I wish it was a bit closer. There was a few weeks there when Booche made a good run at it and if it weren't for your injurys it would have been a lot closer.

Instead of trying to get a hold of everybody in the pool here is my mailing address for all to view. Since I trust you all sooooo much.

Andrew Noddin (aka. Caspien)

72 Gamble Avenue, Apt. 613

Toronto, ON

M4K 2H1

And Dave Andrews, my email is anoddin@yahoo.ca. Send me you address by email or just post it here, whatever you want.

As far as what music I like, the word everything sort of sums it up. I would appreciate it if everybody picked music that they particularly like. I am actually looking forward to hearing what you all listen to.

PS; I would also like to thank the Bruins former GM for making the worst trade in Hockey history.

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Guest Low Roller

I can't believe I had two players frommy original line-up that retired this year (Lemieux and Palffy)! Thankfully I traded one of them before he did.

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I think you meant if he had saved a trade or two.

DaveO, you really should do some research before you flap your gums.

F Tkachuk - Injured Replaced with Crosby Oct 13

D Leetch - Injured replaced with Desjardins Nov 3 - Injured replaced with

Boyle Dec 9

Move 1:

I had Tkachuk Oct 5 to Oct 12 = 0 Points

He got hurt and finished with 36 Pts

I added Crosby from Oct 12 to Apr 18 = 77 Pts

Moves 2 and 3:

I had Leetch from Oct 5 to Nov 2 = 8 Pts

He got hurt and finished with 32 Pts

I added Desjardins Nov 2 to Dec 8 = 1 Pt

He got hurt and finished with 24 Points

I added Boyle Dec 8 to Apr 18 = 31 Pts he finished with 53 Points

All good moves (even though they didnt quite work out) but if I did ANYTHING wrong it was holding onto Desjardins for too long. The fact remains that I was destroyed by injuries. Say whatever you want but I am sure glad you arent the GM for any of my teams.

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