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DSO 5/8/77 live stream!!!

Kanada Kev

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Celebrate Grateful Dead Day: Stream DSO's 5/8/07 Show at No Charge!

In celebration of "Grateful Dead Day" as proclaimed by Ithaca's mayor Carolyn Peterson, Dark Star Orchestra and iClips.net are offering up a 5 camera shoot. Stream DSO's live video of their recreation of 5/8/77 at no charge!

Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of one of the Grateful Dead’s most infamous shows with DSO regardless of where you'll be on May 8th. Stream video of the entire show here.

Additionally, Streamernet wil be streaming shows on the DSO spring tour including:

5/18 & 19: Ram's Head Live

Browse over to Streamernet to stream these great shows or to download shows from the past couple of tours.

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I love this show and have heard it probally more then any other GD show since nobody seems to not have it.

But for me, today its all about 'Exile On Main Street' (the 22bit Mickboy remastered version) which was released 35 yrs ago today.

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Thanks for posting this Kev, I'm really diggin' it. Makes me want to catch these guys again soon. Really looking forward to the second set.

I always thought that they only ever recreated a show once, but I see this is the fourth time they've done this one. No matter, it's sounding wicked.

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