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Neil Young extra for sale


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Hey all,

I have an extra single ticket to the first NY show at Massey Hall. I'm selling this for what I paid for it, and would prefer to sell it to someone who can hand me cash soon.

Monday, November 26th

Right Floor

Aisle 3

Row S

Seat 33

Price: $210

If I remember correctly, this seat is on the centre aisle, but don't quote me on that.

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I miscalculated the ticket price.
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... and I already offered my friend two singles for one night. He and his girlfriend want to sit together, or else not go. (They're a relatively new couple.)

If they're willing to give up Neil at Massey for each other, I'm afraid they are doomed to a life without true love. Neil comes first.

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well then since stonemtn's friends are not taking my tix i have 2 extras (not seated together) for Tuesday the 27th.

i saw some posts looking in the neil young thread. did you guys find tix yet? (afro poppa and boogieknight anyone else i'm missing)

i also need money/want to get these sold ASAP.


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