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Jack Johnson - August 3rd - near Barrie


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[blurb]First ever concert at Burl's Creek, just north of Barrie on the August long weekend.



Jack Johnson, the Hawaiian-born musician, filmmaker and surfer will perform the inaugural concert at Burl's Creek Park on Sunday August 3, in support of his worldwide #1 record, Sleep Through the Static.

As part of this year's most hotly anticipated tour, Jack Johnson fans will get the chance to experience him live in a beautiful outdoor setting just north of Barrie, Ontario. Conveniently located off Highway 11, just 15 minutes north of Park Place (the former Molson Park), Burl's Creek Park offers free parking as well as camping options for this long weekend event. [/blurb]

Jack Johnson and his crew are passionately committed to greening every aspect of this tour in order to minimize environmental impact. Burl's Creek Park and event promoter Live Nation are joining in these efforts to create what we believe will be the greenest major music event ever produced in Canada.

For more info on what we're doing and how you can participate, go to our Go Green page.

In addition, Jack Johnson, in partnership with non-profits worldwide, is launching All At Once, a dynamic new interactive community, which empowers fans to take action toward a healthier community and planet - based on the concept that individual action, multiplied by millions, creates global change. Click on the All At Once graphic below to get more info, or go to www.AllAtOnce.org

Tickets for the show go on sale on March 15th at 10am, and can be purchased online at www.ticketmaster.ca, charged by phone at 416-870-8000, or bought in person at any Ticketmaster outlet, or at the Rotate This and Sonic Temple record shops in Toronto.

For more information about the tour go to www.jackjohnsonmusic.com - we look forward to seeing you on August 3 at Burl's Creek Park!

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Looks like there will be midnight performances for those camping:

Dates and times

Come enjoy the clean air, star-filled sky and spacious green lands over the Simcoe Day long weekend in the gateway to "Cottage Country". Camping sites at the Burl's Creek Park grounds are available on the evenings of Saturday Aug. 2 and Sunday Aug. 3, exclusively for guests who have a pre-purchased ticket to the Jack Johnson concert.

Camping Ticket Info

Camping tickets are available for purchase through Ticketmaster.ca, at any Ticketmaster outlet or by calling 416.870.8000. Camping tickets are not available at the venue and must be bought before July 18, 2008.

Camping for two nights – Aug. 2 & Aug. 3, 2008 – $75/vehicle

Camping for one night – Aug. 3, 2008 only – $45/vehicle

Camping tickets do not include admittance to the concert.

If you are camping Saturday Aug. 2, 2008 you will be required to purchase the two–night ticket and stay for two nights.

One camping ticket is required per vehicle, not per person in that vehicle. Each camping ticket represents a single campsite.

Camping lots are open for check-in from 12:00pm on Saturday, August 2 until 2:00 am on Sunday, August 3, and re-open at 11:00am on Sunday August 3.

The camping lots close at 11:00am on Monday, August 4. All campers must leave by this time.

What to bring to Camping Areas

Outside food and drink is permitted

Midnight entertainment on both nights! (Times and performers to be announced in coming weeks)

Food vendors with a wide variety of menu items

Licensed area for 19+ campers (Reminder: bring your government issued photo ID. All patrons entering a licensed area will be checked for ID)

Portable washroom facilities

Hand wash stations

Shower facilities (no charge for use of showers)

First aid medical location

Site lights throughout camping area

Communal fire pits

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I used to go there with my family growing up all the time, I actually remember seeing a pink floyd tribute band there when I was about 15, the camping is tree'd but if the concert is where I think it is, its a big flat empty field. This might be a great first concert for my daughter.

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Also with Rogue Wave and Neil Halstead.


The owners's REALLY want the site to be used regularly for this kind of event...being "green" is a big concern.

For CMTF/Frontier Town goers...if you remember Ezzy (Ezra...huge...friendliest man alive) with the big trailer to the right as you came in..his family runs Burl's Creek.

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Well this is a pleasant suprise. Yes I am one of the few on here that actually enjoys JJ's mellowness. Let the trashing begin.

This will be a great show to bring the Ethio twins to. Looking forward to it their first concert experience as well with no border to deal with yee friggin hah.

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How about having the concert in the afternoon and not use lights?

Jaimoe, did you by any chance visit the Go Green section of the website, to see what they are doing to "Green" the event?

"This event is bullfrogpowered with 100% green electricity."

They will also be arranging public transportation from Toronto and York Region.

AND, they are purchasing carbon offsetting credits.

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I assume no plastic bottles (i.e. for water) and/or pop cans will be sold on the site? What's the recyling policy (which isn't the best form of enviro-friendly method)?

Jaimoe, why don't you visit the Go Green section of their website to find these answers?

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Of course, almost everyone has to drive on a major highway to get to the venue, so that isn't too green. How about having the concert in the afternoon and not use lights?

That argument can arrive at that we should all go no where because it isn't eco friendly.Which is ridiculous.Question how,when and why you are going somewhere sure...and make changes of course.But don't go?Not much of a solution.

The greening of this event is pretty standard...and pretty corporate..buy bullfrog and pay for everthing else through offsets without really changing the habits of the consumer attending.

As far as water bottles go Jaimoe..it does say bring one and there will be free water refills.

Recycling and sorting the waste doesn't make it piously green either...I'd be shocked to find they had instituted any stringent measures for foood vendors about disposables at a minimum...and ideally, about the actual food they serve.Food services cause an amazing amount of waste at a festival.

But it is a start.

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sorry. what music/camping festivals have I forgotten about?

Here's some off the top of my head.

Mariposa Folk Festival

Lose Your Shoes

Canterbury Folk Festival

Hillside Festival

Tottenham Bluegrass Festival

Folk & bluegrass festivals are huge in Ontario, too many to list or remember.

And if you step away from the whole jamband/folk/bluegrass scene, the list would be even larger..

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Indeed it is a start Allison. I'm not saying to not go - although I wouldn't be caught dead at a Jack Johnson show - but realistically, how many people will pack their camping gear on public transit based in Toronto? Even those not camping will drive, but I do like that the website is suggesting options. I realize camping with concerts makes for an appealing summer weekend excursion, but commuting to Barrie using public transit can be a nightmare even for green-thinking people like me.

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