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Sad News: Patrick Swayze has 5 weeks to live


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I've heard this from legit sources like the Toronto Star and some local news channels, but it looks like it is true. Here's one blurb. Really sad news even if I don't like any of his films outside of Donnie Darko:


How is this from a legit source? EVERY SINGLE article on this story cites The National Enquirer as the SOLE source of this story.

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weird - i kid you not, this morning when i was getting myself together i started belting out "i,ve had the time of my liiiiiife and i've never felt this way before...." and so on.

i was puzzled as to why it was in my head, but i couldn't fight it - it was a dirty dancing kind of morning.

good to know i'm not entirely out of tune with the collective unconscious.

sorry to hear about mr. swayze.

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