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**BNB Acoustic Duo - Thursday Dec 11th, 2008 - Two Doors Down, Brantford**


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Jeff Heisholt and I (Mike Filipowitsch) will be ripping it up at Two Doors Down in Brantford tomorrow night.

I would put the address, but i dont know it. I would give you all the phone number...but i dont know it. And i forgot how to use google...maybe i should google how to google...

Regardless, its my first night back in Southern Ontario...I just finished a really hard semester of Uni...and I am ready to rock



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By 'that face' you mean your own face, right? I'd say that's not really a lack of originality but a strong dedication to the use of your own face for purposes such as.... putting it on a dancing elf. And I resepect that kind of commitment... really, I do. To be commintted to your face is a rare thing these day... especially when you can change your face. And I mean... who wouldn't want to? You. You wouldn't want to. And like I just said, I have a certain amount of respect for that. Not an endless amount, mind you. There are limits. I do have limits!!

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