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So tommorow around noon my 3 friends and I head out to make a trip we never thought would ever happen 4 years ago.

This all feels strangely surreal. Am I really going to see phish on FRIDAY? I am kind of pinching myself.

For all those making the trek, safe travels and savour the moments...this will truly be a unique experience that only Phish fans can even begin to understand.

For all those who aren't as lucky, there is still joy to be had. No doubt, phish's return will breath some much needed light into this cherished scene of ours. and ofcourse, there is always summer.

I'll be back with photos, videos and a review.

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i am in such disbelief that a: this is happening, and b: i am going.

the hype is unlike anything else i have experienced with phish... i can only liken it to a new year's or halloween show (both of which i have never had the pleasure of attending). mr miner's blog has turned into perez hilton for hippies (for me at least) with those paparazzi-like shots of the tour trucks, their AD at lowe's, etc... there is an incredible buzz.

also, i am in a bit of shot that i am driving 11 hours for a show, leaving tomorrow, seeing saturday's show, then heading home on sunday... its wild. but i love it.

safe travels to all that are going... if anyone leaving from southern ontario on thursday encounters anything interesting along the way, i'd love to hear about things to look for/look out for along the 11-hour journey.

peace and love, peace AND love.

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If this was 5 years ago I would certainly be going this Friday whether I had a ticket or not.

I really hope they have "it" still. Good luck y'all. May colonal forbin be with you.

really, the vibe meter is going to be buried when they 1st take the stage. I'm sure the hairs will be standing on the back's of everyones necks for the whole nostalgia of it all.

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