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Luminato Festival - EGAD!


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I haven't investigated too much but where did this festival come from???? The Neil Young tribute is a part of it.. And then I just found these listings on Kevin Breit's myspace, and I JEOMK'd:

06-06-2009 at Luminato 2009

The Traveling Blues

Metro Hall Square

John and Wellington,

Toronto, Ontario

Cost: Free

The Traveling Blues showcases the rich history and compelling sound of Blues music from the dusty streets of Africa to the deep heart of the American South. A soulful and cathartic expression of one’s self, blues’ influence is intimate yet widespread.

Featuring Taj Mahal along with; Fiona Boyes; Kevin Breit & Harry Manx; Mamadou Diabate; Alpha Yaya Diallo; Alvin Youngblood Heart; Madagascal Slim/Tri-Continental; and Michael Pickett.


06-07-2009 atLuminato 2009

The World of Slide Guitar

Yonge-Dundas Square, Toronto, Ontario

Cost: Free

Luminato 2009 presents The World of Slide Guitar featuring headliners; The Derek Trucks Band, Sonny Landreth, Daniel Lanois with Brian Blade, Kevin Breit with FolkAlarm and many others. A free all-day event not to miss.

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Such a great looking festival! This one looks like fun as well:

The Great Canadian Tune

Luminato attempts to break the Guinness World Record for Largest Guitar Ensemble as

Yonge-Dundas Square hosts a jam session with guitarists playing ten of the greatest

Canadian tunes. The current record is held by Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany where

1,802 guitarists assembled to perform Deep Purple’s “Smoke On The Water.†In the weeks

leading up to the Festival, audiences are asked to log on to luminato.com to place their

votes for The Great Canadian Tune. The Great Canadian Tune is presented by OLG.

Saturday, June 6 at Yonge-Dundas Square


I'm going to vote for 'Helpless'.. Great Canadian tune and only 3 simple chords, I think 2,000 guitarists could strum along together no problem.

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The schedules are out for those two wicked events that I posted, and here they are.. These lineups just blow me away. Best of all they are free!


Saturday June 6

Metro Square (225 King Street W)

1:00 PM Mamadou Diabaté

1:30 PM Alpha Yaya Diallo

2:00 PM Michael Pickett

3:00 PM Harry Manx/Kevin Breit

4:00 PM Alpha Yaya Diallo Trio

5:00 PM Alvin Youngblood Hart

5:30 PM Madagascar Slim/Tri-Continental

6:30 PM Alvin Youngblood Hart Trio

7:30 PM Fiona Boyes

8:30 PM Mamadou Diabaté

9:00 PM Taj Mahal Trio


Sunday June 7

Dundas Square

Afternoon Schedule

11:00AM Debashish Battacharya

12:00PM Don Rooke

12:40PM Kevin Breit with Folkalarm

1:30PM Jerry Douglas Band

2:30PM Sonny Landreth Band with Cindy Cashdollar

3:30PM The Campbell Brothers Band

4:30PM Daniel Lanois


7:00PM Dance Lesson - Light on Your Feet

8:00PM Light on Your Feet

Evening Schedule

9:00PM The Derek Trucks Band

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