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Allison had a string of bad luck - on multiple levels - when he retired young. It's a nice story and he seems healthy, and if there's a team that needs good hands and scoring, the Leafs are it. He was a good offensive player - but very slow - when he played, so we'll see how he can adjust to this new NHL (being 4 years older can't make you suddenly faster). Still, he's a longshot at best, even when he's trying to make the worst offensive team.

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I really have no expectations for the Leafs this year. Sure, it'll be interesting to see a bunch of new players on the ice, and see a different style of game (albeit spent heavily in the penalty box i'm sure) but I sure as hell am not placing their broadcasts as number one priorities in my tv viewing schedule.

I refuse to pay to watch this team on TV. I don't pay for LeafsTV and probably won't even have Sportsnet this year. HNIC, sure we'll be watching in glorious HD off air from an antennae for FREE. No fucking way i would pay to see them in the ACC. A comp ticket comes my way? Sure, I'll go ;)

I'll be having more fun watching the sport being played by 7 year olds a couple of times a week, and playing personally in a men's league.

Good luck Leafs ... you need it.

Interesting article from yesterday's paper:


Putting `fun' in dysfunctional since 1967


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Guest Low Roller

Interesting move by the Leafs today according to Hockeybuzz:

The Leafs have traded the 2nd round pick acquired from Calgary in the Anton Stralman deal and their 3rd in 2011 to Chicago to re-obtain their own 2nd round pick in 2010.

To quote Bob McKenzie from TSN:

The move now gives Toronto their own first, second and third-round picks in the next NHL entry draft, which is the prerequisite for any team that would want to submit an offer sheet on a top restricted free agent player this summer.........Toronto has had significant interest in Boston's Phil Kessel this summer but has not been able to work out a deal with the Bruins.......The Leafs are now, thanks to today's draft picks trade with Chicago, positioned to submit an offer sheet.

This does not mean that the Leafs are going to make an offer for Kessel, but with the position that the Bruins are in(over $3 Million over the cap, with a valuable RFA like Kessel unsigned), they would more than likely take the draft choices and let Kessel go.

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