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Voting Help! Aviva Community Fund and Voodoolady.


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I'll try and make this short and sweet...My wife needs your votes for a good cause.

It requires you to register, but it's worth alot of good karma!

Aviva wants to support what's important to you by helping you make a positive change in your community. If you're interested in changing Canada for the better, you're in the right place.

About the Competition.

The EORC Youth Drop In needs a space we can call our own.

The Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre (EORC) facilitates a Friday night Drop In for Youth aged 10-18. The Drop In Centre currently offers young people the opportunity to participate in recreational, fitness, educational activities and field trips all while at the same time providing a safe place for youth to gather. The Drop in Centre also provides youth with volunteer hours for their school curriculum through opportunities such as the youth advisory committee.

Basically, my wife, Stephie (voodoolady) is trying to get votes for this so her Centre can win money to buy or renovate a new place for her Drop-In Services.

Here's the link to their idea.

A Place for Youth to Call Their Own.

It would be awesome if you could register and vote!

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Thanks Babe,

Hey guys and gals, I could really use your support with this. As some of you know I work with youth as a youth counselor in Ottawa.

I coordinate a youth Drop In where youth can go and hang out, be creative, have fun all in a safe and suppportive environment.

I know that this community can do great things so I am asking for your support.

Please register and vote and vote daily PLEASE.

Thank you for your support :)


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