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Tiger, etc.


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if you're all about fine craftsmanship in 'hi-fi' instruments then this kind of thing will impress you...I'm not really into instruments that follow down the 'Alembic' path, but that doesn't mean I DON'T want a post-lawsuit Ibanez or a Lado...more that I don't WANT.

Don't worry about reading schematics too much, Dr. Mouse - your guitar is probably happy the way it is for now...but if you're thinking about it, practice your soldering technique

The effects loop in the guitar trick is a great idea - considering Garcia's 'signature' use of envelope filter, as that bubble always pops in a similar way and his tone was always perfect.

I always thought Jerry's guitars were heavy.

not for me without a huge strap.

Heck, I don't think I'd even want Phil's old Guild bass. What the heck were all those knobs??

...then again - maybe I would.

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I wonder if you could equip a guitar with a multi-channel wireless pickup system, one channel to send the guitar signal to the effects rig, another channel to send the output of the effects rig back to the guitar (kind of special "in-guitar" monitor mix) and into its last set of controls, then a final channel to send the after-controls signal back to the rest of the rig.



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Coil taps on each pickup

series/parallel on pickups summed or individually...

...will probably give you too many options to play with.

Save that, putting 2 different caps on your tone controls will get you significantly different responses out of your tone controls...this would require push/pull pots to accomplish.

You have 4 pots and 1 3 way toggle. You could add more controls if you really want, but less is generally more.

There's also the 'varitone' - which is a bunch of different caps with an inductor to act kind of like a mid notch.

And of course there's the Stellartone Tonestyler...a more precise set of caps (each at 1/3 octave) that can be wired with a tone control for more use of tone controls...

...the list goes on and on and on and on and on and on...

which is why less is more.

Have you tried different strings lately? Wound G? Chromes?

Good luck with that.

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I was hoping to get together next time I'm in Toronto anyway.

Hell, pick my brain online too. There are only so many things you can put in a guitar before it gets outta hand.

I recommend reading up about Zappa's guitars and figuring out how you want to use your guitar/how you want it to perform...


Again, anybody know what the controls on Phil's old 'Irwin/alembic-modded' Guild Starfire were? I know he had a set of Hagstrom BiSonics (low impedence single coil pickups) put in and a preamp/buffer to help feed his signal path more juice, but there must be a lot of bells and whistles in there.

I always get the 'there's a schematic somewhere on the alembic site' answer and I never find it.

Sure options are cool, and of course, once one gets their tone they can set it and forget it...

...but unless a player knows those controls, it can really be a liability. So many players DON'T learn the ins and outs of their gear, and understandably too - because there are so many instruments, effects, amps, and accessories that do so many many many things.

No wonder the market is ripe for simple intuitively designed gear.

For example:


This is a $5000 guitar from the Fender Custom Shop. a volume and a tone on 's-1' switches (could be pushpots, FWIW) that punch the guitar into a couple of different modes. One pickup, simple relic'd finish...no fuss, no muss, intended to be a workhorse or a recording guitar.

I've read a lot of hype and great response to this guitar, and the only negatives were pretty much that it's a $5K guitar that's made to look worn out. Nothing about there not being enough tone control, pickup switching, or synth access.

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there are an equal amount of people, especially in the bass work that want more tone options, more pickup options and so on.

My lakland has a 3 band active preamp in it, and a coil splitting switch for the rear humbucker, which is actualy 2 humbucks put together.

every setting sound slightly different, to me. I am sure the audience can not here a thing. but I am constantly in search of the sound... that part of the musical journey for me.

PS: the lakland in my avatar is no longer with me, I sold my 55-01, and got a 44-02...

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Cool bass, Jonyak. Great to be able to have that J-bass tone, OR an MM tone.

There's an amazing DJ5 at Lauzon's right now.

I suggest never playing it if you're deluded enough to think you've got the last bass you'll ever own.

Lakland isn't making those basses anymore, same with the Jerry Scheff basses...2 of the coolest Fender-inspired basses ever made...and of course their 'Decade' model - the light blue one at Lauzon's (unless it's sold) is certainly a test drive moment I'll remember forever.

As far as there being people that want options...these cravings eventually subside.

I'm one of those people that wants options and control...but that being said, I'm waiting for a new set of nylon tapewound strings to arrive in the mail

I think that when I can afford another bass and an electric guitar I'll have an even better idea of what's going to work for me.

A few simple controls are what I crave and have now.

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the funny thing is I have both a jazz bass and a stingray, as well as my lakland.

I have played all of the lakland basses. couldn't really get into the dj... I liked the JO5 better.

When I played guitar, I had a 52 reissue tele... best guitar I have ever played, and a very simple guitar also.

so my point was that on guitar I seem to prefer simple guitar, through single channel tube amps, no effects, with bass I seem to prefer bells and whistles and lots of effects... weird eh?

last bass I'll ever own... haha. I have bought 4 basses, this year and sold 3 as well.

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