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Ratdog was SICK!


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Well, this is what I found:

10/29/2003 Massey Hall, Toronto, ON

I: Jam > Feel Like a Stranger > Easy Answers > Queen Jane Approximately, Ramble On Rose > Matilda Mother > Tomorrow Never Knows > Matilda Mother > Big River > Feel Like a Stranger (reprise) > Eyes of the World

II: Jam@3 > Blackbird@3 > Friend of the Devil@3>4 > When I Paint My Masterpiece@4>6, Greatest Story Ever Told > Good Morning Little Schoolgirl > Ashes and Glass > Jam* > Drums/Keys/Sax > Space > St. Stephen > William Tell Bridge > The Eleven > Not Fade Away

*-w/out Bob and Mark; "Dark Star" teases in "Ashes"

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they total 116 Megs, if you'd like, i can open an ftp site quickly, and you can download them....

the full size, uncompressed, look absolutely fantastic...

Best concert shots i've ever taken, only maybe matched by the Little Feat shots....

But they ain't no bobby...

hilights for me:

watching hux's face when bobby stepped out.

watching hux's face when bobby started soloing... (who'd a thunk it, bobby can solo)

hearing everyone sing ramble on rose


st stephen

the drummer's huge smile. (made my night)

the keyboardist looking like he'd rather be ANYWHERE but Massey Hall.

dancing and partying with 20 of my closest friends on the floor, like it was a private party with Bobby!!!!

having the security save my spot on the stage at setbreak because i told him i wouldn't smoke any crackers during the show...great deal if you ask me.

everyone singing Touch

"visit your country, stay in your home".



oh ya


that is all...

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Originally posted by secondtube:

i'm curious how the tilt screen will do ya, that is the ONLY thing i wish my camera had....

Do you mean the flipable LCD, or the auto orientation thing? I'm looking forward to using both, I think the LCD will be so handy, that was one of my main reasons for wanting the G3, glad to see it in another model. The auto reorientation feature sounds pretty sweet, never will I have to rotate an image again to see it properly.

I really wish I'd had it for last night though. I didn't find the lighting very good, it was actually too bright on Bobby, would have been nice to have the control for faster shutter times. I wish the lighting had been more interesting though, more colour...

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yep, i had my shutter speed right up...

wait till you see the moving man preset...

it works wondering in concert settings...

i meant the tilt lcd screen, the auto reorientation i can do without (though it is cool)...

and yes, bobby was very bright at times...

i just turned the exposure down when he was really bright...

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The straight goods on the Ratdog show last night:

Security was VERY chill, there were people smoking all over the place, minimal resistance even though they gave a nice long break to go out and smoke. Otherwise, they were mildly tense about keeping the aisles clear. Barely though.

The Show!

Stranger>Easy Answers was a fairly strong start, no major flubbs, nothing too intense either.

The Queen Jane was excellent, but Bobby lost his shit for a brief moment and almost forgot the words, coming in a second or so late on one of the verses. He may have fucked the lyrics up in another spot too, but I don't know all the words to say.

Ramble On Rose--Decent at best, Bobby flubbed the lyrics which pretty much killed it for me. If you're going to do Jerry tunes, at least know the fucking words BOBBY!

The Matilda Mother>Tomorrow Never Knows>Matilda Mother was very cool, though it didn't stand out from any others I've heard.

Big River was good, but whatever.

The rest of the set KICKED ASS!!! When they worked the Stranger back in, I figured it would be the end of the set, but the Eyes was a big surprise and it was VERY well done. Great guitar/sax/keyboard solos all around. Pretty much worth the trip right there. Excellent treatment of a classic Jerry tune.

All in all, the first was a bit of a rocky road, but finished on a strong note, as tight as I've seen this band.

Did anyone notice Bobby taking a couple shots off of a small metal flask type deal before the second set started? Not sure what it was, but I'd love to find out. Bobby and Karan were also drinking some red bull type shit during the drums/keys/sax jam which was pretty funny to see also.

Second set was a treat. The acoustic Blackbird rocked, Bobby forgot the words in FOTD which was embarrasing as far as I'm concerned, I don't know if I've ever seen Bobby actually get this one right. Masterpiece was fantastic, stong delivery by the Bobbymeister.

The rest of the set was really tight. Greatest story was very lively, it became evident at this point that Bobby was having a good time. Lots of silly expressions and a bit of bopping around. Bobbys rendition of Schoolgirl has always sucked in my opinion, but it was a good version all the same. Ashes and Glass was supposed to be Dark Star>Ashes and Glass, but whatever. Great rendition and a great tune IMHO.

The rest of the set was why you pay 50 bucks to see Bobby. St. Stephen>Willim Tell Bridge>The Eleven(which should have been followed by the second verse of Dark Star but whatever) was amazing, pretty much flawless. You could tell Bobby was having a blast during this portion of the show.

Not Fade away was almost some other Ratdog tune, but it was clear that the audience was expecting Not Fade, real well done, unbelievable crowd response, Bobby even commented during the encore how nice the harmonies were.

The touch encore was surprisingly well done, Bobby didn't forget the words which was nice and the band were all dialed in nicely. I think the "I/We will get by" line is why Bobby does this song, it's a very powerful statement to make.

All in all, a great night. The place was full enough to not seem empty which was nice too, I was worried for a bit before the show that the place would be empty. I would have liked to have a small tazer to wake up all the old farts in the center of the balcony, but other than that pretty much the entire room was up and dancing which was good to see.

If you don't want to pay $22US to hear the show, I can hook you up with a VERY nice copy.

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good show indeed [smile]

got the masterpiece i was lookin for. [big Grin] even if he did mess up the words. [Frown]

bobby does dylan = good stuff

really liked that drums/keys/sax... that was excellent.

gotta love how the ushers (security in bowties) asked us to keep the smoke where they couldn't see it. that was all. that was a really nice venue.

and i was happy for everyone's sake at the absence of dr.hux short shorts on stage. good self control, dr. [Wink]

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Originally posted by Weirdness:

If you don't want to pay $22US to hear the show, I can hook you up with a VERY nice copy.

Okay! I'd love a copy of that show. It was outstanding. I was front and centre. Only secondtube between me and the stage. Very nice spot to watch from. This show was two thumbs up for sure.

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