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Need help with Kinetic Installation (Any Engineers???)


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So I'm working on building a control interface for my string installation... my concept is a box with 6 giant levers coming out of it that the patrons can adjust to change various aspects of the piece (such as string speed, strobe, etc..)

Now I think I have the code and the electronics figured out... and I have a theory about how to make this work using a linear potentiometer and some gears, but I'm not sure this is the best approach.

So essentially i need to solve two problem

1) How to turn the movement of the lever into an electronic control

2) How to maintain tension within the lever so that it will remain in the position it is left in.

Any help you guys can give would be greatly appreciated... and if I have not been clear enough let me know and I'll try and explain better


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A dial pot wouldn't work because it would be too easily broken...

I really have my heart set on the aesthetic of the rods to control the device.

I was suggested by someone to use Spherical rod ends... and a radial potentiometer

At one end of the rod, you would have the rod end, which threads to the rod. The other end of the rod end would have a shoulder screw to affix it to whatever your mating part of the potentiometer is. At the other end of the rod, you would put another rod end to mount to the control lever in a second class lever configuration.

I'm still not entirely sure what he meant though

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Mother Fucking Genius !!!

That doc you made just blew my mind, the fact that I remember us all loving the toy at the ledges yrs ago

and now to see that monster creation that you grew from that toy and have it synced up with the original toy and to music, awesome just awesome man !!! Grate fucking work !!!


Oh yeah, sorry I got no answers though... :chug:

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Not gonna be able to help you out, but just wanted to share this cool kinetic installation at Corus Building in Toronto:

Troika's latest kinetic installation is on display in the Corus building in Toronto and features a shoal of fish that seem to swim up and down a 50m long corridor...


To create Shoal, 467 'fish' are suspended from the ceiling of the space and rotate on their own axis in order to, say Troika, "display the movements and interdependency typical to school of fish". Each fish is wrapped in dichroic acrylic, which produces the iridescent colours as they spin.

As the studio explain on their website: "The ceiling architecture is set in motion and appears liquified, changing the spatial experience of the corridor while opening up the surrounding architecture infinitely towards Lake Ontario."

Shoal was curated by PAM (Karen Mills and Justin Ridgeway) and commissioned by TEDCO as a permanent installation for the Corus building located at Toronto's Waterfront, Queens Quay East.

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