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Holy Crap.... Phish Utica!!!!!!


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Utica Memorial Auditorium

Utica, NY

October 20, 2010

Show Poster


Set One:

My Soul

Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan


Wolfman's Brother* >


Guyute >

David Bowie**


McGrupp & The Watchful Hosemasters ->

I Saw It Again*** >

Run Like An Antelope***

Set Two:

Drowned >

Sand >

Theme From The Bottom

Axilla >

Birds Of a Feather


Split Open & Melt ->

Have Mercy >



Split Open and Melt>


e. Good Times Bad Times

*w/Streets Of Cairo tease

**w/Guyute & Wilson teases

***w Guyute teases

Piper had BOAF tease

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Great time at the show last night. We went in early and ended up sitting about 9 rows from the floor at centre ice.

Sound was a bit muddy but tightened up as the evening progressed. Venue is super tiny - we couldn't even find the merch tables to see if there were any nice shirts.

$5 beers went down quickly inside - it was sweltering. The floor was a giant mass of people - looked pack tight.

First set seemed to go on forever. One of the bug gripes with 3.0 is that every show can seem the same, that was NOT the case last night. Music wasn't exactly 100% tight, but the meandering from song to song, teases everywhere, proved to be very organic.

Really looking forward to AC now!

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Wow, just fucking wow! I saw the show with two friends who I haven't seen a show with in 12 and 10 years respectively plus my first with Freeker, and even got to spend nearly half the show with Cully. The whole road trip was just brilliant.

The venue was interesting in that the only thing you couldn't do was go outside. People were openly puffing cigs and joints even before the first set started and while the lights were still on. There were no ushers at all, it was basically like being in a huge club- a ridiculously hot, steamy and smoky club. Even the floor was a free for all as you could come and go easily.

We saw the first set from the top of the bowl at the back (10? rows off the floor) and the second mostly from the tapers section.

What could I possibly say about the show that isn't covered here?:


"In a show that shot us back in time both in setting and musical content, Phish played two unparalleled sets of music firmly rooted in history while stretching into the future, showing us that things are just beginning to hit stride for this era. Building off of their recent fall exploits, the band threw down a show that resembled none of this era in any way, shape, or form – an entire evening that felt plucked from the mid-’90s. With each passing night of tour it feels like we are witnessing a rebirth of Phish – the real Phish – the band that puts on mind-numbing shows like it’s their job. The one-brained, four-headed monster took the attack from moment one last night, creating two thematic frames of music that redefined what is possible in modern era Phish." click the link to read the rest.....

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I've seen some Phish, at least I thought I had until GUYUTICA!!

Amazing show, the boys are back in a big way. Seeing them having so much fun playing again does my heart good. I knew from the My Soul opener we were in for a special show but this exceeded all expectation.

Vultures third song in!! I've been chasing this tune since IT and thats how I knew this show was special because by the end of it, so much cool shit had happened, I totally forgot they even played it.

Other highlights included EVERYTHING. IF you haven't heard at least the first set yet, do your self a favor and download it now

I fell in Love with Utica that night, Great hotel with a view of the auditorium. Amazing venue, I would gladly see anything there, tiny and totally lawless. The lot was great, packed, tons of great vendors, no cops and lots of friendly people. I think I met more people in one night then I did all summer tour. And our awesome crew, you guys made the trip truly what it was.

Couch tour is going to sting extra hard until MSG

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