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Important notice for all Rich Stadium regulars


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Do not Sanctuary this forum. Its pretty much the only message board I can tolerate. It's the peak season of sport and nothing is really happening. Where did everybody go? Its obvious Liverpool fans are fairweather fuckers but come on people. I thought we were better than this. My gears might grind at this rate and not in a humorous manner.

It's starting to die in here people and while I should blame each one of us, it's probably best to single out one person because that is what we do best around here.


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This is what I'm talking about. Get on Schwa's back, he's gonna carry us out of the cellar.

I blame the name of the forum itself. Rich (Dick) Stadium proper is where a hopeless bunch of losers gather week after week, season after season only to encounter heartbreak and despair the likes of which few are able to stomach.

uuhhhh, nevermind. that sounds about right.

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Daddy Day Care isn't keeping you occupied?!

Fuckin prick. The guy gets an extended period of time off PAID and he is bitching we aren't keeping him busy. Want some weed with your whine?

I had two pints of Rickards Orange with my lunch an hour ago. Catch up rookies.....

Finally is it any coincidence that the forum has gone to shit in the same month we saw no less than 5 baseball threads? I highly doubt it!

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